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How does this weed look?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tylerjb, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. #1 tylerjb, Mar 25, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2010
    I got the picture off someone else's thread, but we both get this stuff. It smells like hay pretty bad, it did the first time, the second time i got it it wasn't as bad at all, it was there but barely. Just wanted more opinions on how it looks.

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  2. A picture whould help.
  3. sorry it didn't upload the first time, dont know why.
  4. Looks like decent dank to can see a lot of trichs 50 to 55 an eight
  5. #5 Heroic Dose, Mar 25, 2010
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    It looks fine to me, but if you pulled it from somebody elses thread why didn't you just read the responses on that one? I would probably do $35 1/8 for it, really depends on how it smoked.

    EDIT: High mids perhaps?
  6. Without looking at it up close I assumed it was actually pretty low quality/shwag type stuff. BUT...upon further inspection it looks like you got some decent "mids" there.

    The hay smell is gonna be either from the grow environment itself, or due to someone covering up the bud smell during transport.
  7. #7 TearDownGod, Mar 25, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2010
    It looks great. But you never really want weed that smells like hay, obviously..

    I did get a half an elbow of some good mexican regular that couldn't have POSSIBLY smelled any more like straw.. It was still well cured, not dry, just smelled like hay (albeit not prominently, you really had to whiff).

    edit- Mids, holmes? God your weed must be bomb.. But yes, they wrap it up in those bales, and hope the drug dogs can't smell it (assuming they're confronted with one).
  8. cause that was posting many pics at the time and no one really responded about this specific bud. i paid 320 for a zip. (usd). it wasn't for my personal use. let's just say someone got it for 340 usd for the o.
  9. looks yummy. =)
  10. I should really say the bud could be nearing "beaster" territory I suppose. When I say "mids" I'm really referring to anything thats not DANK and not BRICK.

    I'm originally from northeast Ohio, and getting that type of stuff there it would probably be called beasters and sell for 40 an eighth I guess. However, now I'm in Cali.:hello:

    So don't want ya to think I am hating on the bud OP, it looks like quality smoke.
  11. Thats the bullshit floating around the fox valley thats worth only like $750 a qp.
  12. Just looks fresh, and that explains the "hay smell", Probably hadn't been fully cured yet. stick that shit in a glass jar for a few days to bring out da skunk:smoking::smoking:
  13. Haha yeha i was thinkin the same thing
  14. #14 CannabiSalvia, Mar 25, 2010
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2010
    thats the bud i get! we call it china :)
    but i my connect pays 2grand a pound
    and i get it 180 a ounce :)

    yeah it does smell really hayyie, but the solution i do to fix this is wrap the bud with paper towel and put it into the bag and leave the bag open, in 2days it should be dry nicely, then just stick it in the jar and it starts adding those crystals :)
  15. some beasters, pretty good bud
  16. Just a little bit leafy, but other than that it's some pretty good looking bud imo.
  17. I've seen people use hay during the initial drying. It works well but that smell is persistant. Just jar it.
  18. that picture is from my thread

    sorry but that weed is garbage

    it looks like dank, smokes like low mids

    beasters/hay beast/asian beasters/china bud/m39
    ^all different names for this stuff.
  19. WTF r u people smoking? that crap is 60% brown 40% green and it is flat! that is rag mids bad bad bad... im black and i know thats "****** weed".
    find a new dealer.
  20. um no thats actually not flat or compressed at all... he stold the pics from my thread so i would know
    theres no brown in it either

    neg rep to you

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