How does this video make you feel?

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  1. My friend showed me this on Facebook today and I felt surprisingly angry. This kid's mom is a total nutcase and reminds me of the texts my mom used to show me when my dad was against me making rap music and beats (still is) but was too afraid to ever say anything directly to me.

    But anyways, what do you all think? I think it's terrible and feel so bad for him.

    [ame=""]What Music Worth, According to My Mom. - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Poor kid...looks like he has some decent gear though.
  3. :mad:What a horrible, horrible lady.
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    Fuck her. It is because of people like her that funding to the arts has been drastically cut. It's because of these people that the arts are being suppressed and the talents of young artists have been wasted because people tell them what they do is of no value. Like hell. Music has the power to change people, the power to overcome barriers and difference. The arts help us connect as a people, not as individuals but together as the human race.

    For that matter, what is she contributing to society? By yelling at her son, how productive is that? What is she doing that is so goddamn important? What gives her the right to berate someone who is merely doing what they love?

    Someone needs to explain to her the vast importance of the arts. The next time she listens to music, or reads a book, or see's a piece of art, she needs to be reminded that her son is in the same vein.

    Didnt mean to go off on ya blades, but people like this just piss me off to no end.
  5. Fuck mikes mom what a slut
  6. Who says one has to contribute to society? :confused:
  7. this dude is very very good at guitar.

    not even going to respond to that video because he should be doing what he wants to do. and he clearly makes him happy hopfully he doesnt stray from that path
  8. She obviously hates her life.
  9. I gotta say, props to this guy for keeping his cool. I'd have simply locked the door when she walked out the first time, then went right back to jamming with my amp on 11.
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    Dude that's the type of shit my dad would say to me and it's one of the main reasons I hate him..

    Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity | Video on

    Watch at about 15:30

    "jinny isn't sick. she's a dancer" at about 16:50

    That line PERFECTLY describes my old situation and this kids situation... we think in music, thats how we express ourselves.....

    Sometimes I fucking hate parents for reasons like this, I don't understand why they think their idea of "success' is better then doing art, music, or anything creative like that.
    If you know this guy personally tell him that his mother is fulll of shit and to keep making music.... honestly sometimes the hate talk i got from my dad almost got me to stop playing, NEVER GIVE UP. I'm so glad I stuck with what was in my heart.... it's hard growing up hearing shit like that from your parents, especially your mom..

    I wish people valued music more.. you know what my dad told me? " Playing music won't get you anywhere, just look at your uncle (uncle played music and doesnt make as much money as my dad) you should go to school for something ACADEMIC...."
  11. My parents were like this, nowhere near as bad. Props to him keeping his cool, I would have flipped my lid. Glad I don't live with my parents anymore, I love them to death, but living with them past a certain age can be caustic.

    Once he gets out on his own he wont have to deal with it, and if she pulls that attitude when hes got his own place he can just cut off contact until she changes her tune. Worked for me.

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