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  1. Hello , for starters i would like to describe what i have so far and get some feedback and advice from some seasoned growers.

    I have a 5x5 grow room

    lighting consists of 4 4 foot double t-12 fluorescent with a mixture of plant aquarium and daylight bulbs, these are hanging in the corners ,and for my main light i have a 400 watt MH

    for my hydro setup i have 6 grow buckets with the lil baskets and grow media, as well as 6 feeder tubes , a eheim pump, a whisper air pump, and a couple of air stones ,a 300 watt aquarium heater

    for meters i have a tri meter for PH, Nutrients, and temp.

    i also have a 10 lb C02 system that i am trying to release into the air in the grow room.

    This is my first try at growing and i believe that i am off on the right track. I picked up my 3 part (Flora Micro, Grow, Bloom) today and mixed up our first batch 30.4 Micro, 60.8 Grow according to their site. Our initial readings were a bit high on PH 7.8 and have no PH down so are substituting vinegar to bring the PH into check, our nutrients are at 780 and our temp is 81.

    the plants are at the second week stage i believe and are about 3 " in height the light is approx 20 inches above the plants and i have a fan in the room for circulation oscillating

    I also have a 6" exhaust fan that i will have on a thermostat in the next few days to control the temp in the grow room

    I believe that we are striving for PH Level of 5.5 - 6.8
    and i think that i can go to 1010 for the nutrients

    as for the plants themselves they are just bag seed, i was hoping to use this as a learning attemp and if it is successfull i will order some seeds online and try something interesting

    So as the title says How does it sound so far , am i missing anything ? I do plan on switching to a HPS light for the flowering stage likely a 1000 watt

  2. Hey man, sounds like you've done your homework. :)

    Get some proper pH down tho man, with all that other equipment you've invested in, u may as well have the proper pH adjusters too. :)

    Keep your pH as near to 5.8 or 5.9 as possible. Increase nutes by 50ppm at a time only when you see how they react to the last lot.

    Good luck! :hello::smoke:
  3. i do plan on getting some proper PH down today but it is a holiday weekend and everything was closed last night when we set up the nutes and vinegar was the only solution i could think of for them in the short term , didn't want to see them sit in the solution overnight while it was at a PH of 8
  4. Well i managed to locate some PH down this afternoon and have mixed up another batch of nutes and dosed with ph down and now am sitting right around 5.9 6.0.
    Also managed to run an airline to each bucket and put a air stone in each bucket as well as one in the reservoir as well as opened up the C02 tank to give them a small dose of C02 approx 100 bubbles per minute

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