how does this Skunk #11 grow look so far?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by subatomic, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. These 4 have been flowering since February 19th.

    4 bank T5 fixture in a basement closet.

    growing Fem'ed Skunk #11 from Dutch Passion



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  2. Rotation anyone?

    other then the headache i got from having to turn my laptop upside down to have a look at her she looks really good!
  3. ok so i thought this was funnier...

    OMG dude how did you get your plants to grow on the ceiling like that? :eek:

  4. omg gotta call the chiropractor tomorrow. thanks. :p
  5. fucking awesome dude thumbs up
  6. think i would bend them over a little let that light get to the rest of the plant ,is that an led light? looks like could use little more light kinda stretched on ya:D but looks like you will be enjoying some tasty bud anyway soon :D
  7. haha I have an anti-gravity grow closet. Highly experimental.

    Thanks for the comments, but yeah I have no idea why GC rotated the pics? Weird.

    As for light penetration, yeah I know there isn't that much with T5 bulbs but I actually pruned the bottom growth this morning before watering. They're looking much cleaner.

    I'm really hoping the buds bloom a little more, they're so tiny. I'm okay with them being less dense than buds flowered with HIDs but I guess I'll just have to let mother nature take her course.

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