How does this room look guy?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by DevilRed, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. So guys, think I have enough of a set up to grow 3 or four plants?

    Light: 70w HPS, 2x30w/22" Grow Floro's, 2x40w/48" Grow Floro's, 2x25w/48" Cool Floro's. Small 8" fan in there too.

    Room is approx 3'x4'x8' (all white).

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  2. What I mean by "Grow" Floro's is they are labeled as for growing plants or for fish tanks, lizards and stuff. The two short ones are this type, and in each of the double shop fixtures I have one grow/cool.

    Wonder if the grow bulbs work any better? They were $5 each compared to $1.25 for the cools. I guess time will tell.
  3. grow tubes r shit. i think iv just rote u something about that in another thread wher u go on about it.

    apart from that it looks good, i hope that aint ur feed i can see in the edge of the pic tho? if it is get it out ur grow room and put it somewhere cool.
  4. Get that array of half ass bulbs out of there asap. It will grow buds but your way under the potential of that space. Get a 600W, 2x400w, or a 1000W HPS in there as soon as you can afford it. What kind of venitlaion do you have in there for bringing in fresh air?
  5. NO thats not my plant food. That is my cat stuff, shampoo, etc.

    As for fresh air, I just leave the door cracked and I have a small fan that comes on every couple hours for a few hours at a time.

    Im not looking to produce volume, or what that space could max out at.

    I think with what I have I should be able to produce a good two ounces of bud and have a supply of clones by next May, thats my goal.

    Two ounces of bud
    20 clones.

    Thats what im out to get.

    The one tube is hanging, got it close to the one plant for now to see if it grows more than the others that are not close.

  6. try puttin both the grow tubes in 1 fitting next to 1 plant and the other 2 whites in the other fitting next to another plant and c wot happens, i bet u bin the growtubes within 2 weeks.

  7. the room looks great from what i can see but i dont know about the lights
  8. LOL... killer

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