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How does this QWISO hash look?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UpstateToking, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Ok, so the reason I made this thread is because I am a bit concerned on the outcome of my QWISO hash...
    I have followed average procedures of 30 minute cooling, 30 second soak and 30 second shake. I have used two strainers with two coffee filters between the two. When poured out, though, it seems my liquid is very transparent. When I look up examples it seems that the liquid should be a thick green, with low transparency.
    Here is a picture, could somebody please tell me if something went wrong at all?

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  2. To much water not enough bud. either way i beleive the product will turn out similar. just put the fan on it for 24 hrs
  3. Got it in the basement with the tall fan on low, thanks for the info.
  4. But im not a hash expert so i cant guarantee this. But your green is wet and already made so no going back now anyways
  5. If you can put a screen over the plate while it's drying that'll prevent any dirt/hair from getting in it.
  6. This guy, this guy speaks from experience :cool:

  7. You can tell :D
  8. Haha I love me some QWISO.
  9. Thanks for the heads up... And if you are getting this from the picture, there is no dirt/hair in the liquid. Just some trimming that fell in :D

  10. Nah it looks fine in the pic, just giving some advice :)
  11. What do we mean by screen, like saran wrap over 3/4th's of it?
  12. Maybe he's referring to a strainer thats somewhat larger than the diameter of the plate... That could work
  13. the other day I attempted to make some qwiso with stems and crumbles of weed i had left...

    It was the wrost hash I had ever tasted, it had flakes of metal in it cause I evaporated i in a metal plate :laughing: I had never felt so ashamed of myself as a stoner

    Yesterday I tried again with some schwagg (I got about 2-3 ounces for 5$ :D ), now it worked... I have now experienced god :smoking:
  14. ya man you're only supposed to cover your bud with the iso it looks like you used too much. it's just going to take longer to dry and probably reeks of alcohol pretty bad.
  15. #15 DMX, Sep 15, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 15, 2011
    Yea as everyone else said maybe you used too much ISO. But, maybe you didnt use enough weed or just a bad iso/bud ratio. How much weed you use?

    It looks fine though. Leave it alone, for a full day... Dont put the fan directly on it, Just have the fan circulating near it to Decrease the Alcohol fumes.

    Dont forget to keep posting updates!! Id really like to see the outcome.:D

    Oh and it it just the plate or is that yellow ring around it from hash forming??
  16. Oh but the fan directly on it speeds it up so much..... IF and ONLY IF you arent in a dusty location lol.... it will quickly cover it in a layer of dust otherwise

    but op, it looks fine, most pics of it when it looks very dark are due to the flash, not the true color of the liquid, you definitely want it lighter, it means its better, green = no no lol
  17. It looks like your iso was a low grade... like 70 percent or so considering the bud was in it a full minute. It should be much darker. It's going to take forever to dry if that is the case.

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