How does this light set up look?

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  1. So, its'll be about $400 with shipping. Was going to get a 400wer, but saw it was only $30 for the 600w kit, and while it may be over kill for what I"m doing, figured more can't hurt and If I ever need more I'd have it. Is any of this over kill?

    \t\tLumatek 600 Watt Digital HPS Grow Light
    Euro Reflector + $35.00
    AgroMax 600 watt HPS Bulb + $24.00
    No MH Conversion Bulb
    No Spare HPS Bulb
    Dual Outlet Digital Timer w/ Battery BackUp + $18.95
    Sunrise Hi-Low Reflector Hangers + $9.95

    It would be 409 with shipping. In the cart at HTG Supply. (Hydro store seemed about the same price, maybe a little more) Could I find/go cheaper? Also how big of a fan would I want/need to cool this? Right now I have a 109cfm with 4 inch ducting for exhaust of my room. Would that work? (I would be able run just one exhaust fan from the hood and it would remove the heat from the bulb and room right?)
  2. If you are concerned that 600w may be overkill, you may want to get an air-cooled hood or cool tube to ensure better control over temps. Though keep in mind that the Lumatek ballast probably is adjustable, meaning you can dial it down to a lower wattage in early veg when you probably don't need all the wattage that you later on. And personally I would get a MH bulb with that for veg.
  3. Yeah I'm mainly worried about tempuratures. The hood is air cooled I believe [​IMG]

    Heres a picture of it Hi-Tech Garden Supply

    I heard cool tubes aren't that great at spreading the light evenly?

    And I was planning on sticking with the CFL's for vegging, I hear they're great for that, and mine did veg pretty good. I'm only going to let them get 1 ft tall this time heh.
  4. htg is way over priced
    cool tubes are only shitty when its just the tube wit no reflector
    check this one out free shipping wit extras 275$$ im ordering this one next
    i already ordered the 400 batwing from these guys and honest 150$$ for a digital 400 watt hps wit extras delivered in a plain box to my door cant be beat!!!

    and the quality is Great the material does not hold heat at all so the only hot part is the light not the reflector and the ballast works like a charm is quiet and it powers up in like 30 seconds amazing moving from magnetic to digital ballast
    i recommend this companys products it has the best prices on lights i have found ANYWHERE on the net
    if any one has a cheaper priced light enlighten me so i can save money but this has been the cheapest Great quality company i have found

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