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how does this dank look??

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by teg21, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. a nug of dank i got today, tell me what you think??

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  2. i like the red hairs, it looks like great bud
  3. its has a lot of red hairs, most ive seen around here for awhile
  4. mmm.. yeah hard to tell with it being on a red table and all.. This sounds more like a bragging than an asking, haha
  5. first of all i was asking to see if this was good dank, so i dont wnt a newbie coming around and talking shit, and the table is light brown wood, not red
  6. Damn, nothing like making me fiend out for your weed and I live in the Chron capital. Kick Down, bogart.
  7. welcome friend [​IMG]
  8. How sweet of you to welcome me. Wassup? I am puffin this sick-ass fuckin' DANK shit, so I am becoming more retarded as time goes by, I wanted to smoke myself to sleep, and it is working... so, who are you again, I have CHRONIC short-term memory loss =)
  9. oops what did I do? No I'm not ripped, or nothing. anyway, CRITTER, that was cute by the way.
  10. I dont have that bud to tell you what i think,but if i had to guess id say you got a good looking nug.
    But hard to say because its on a red table.
  11. the reddish color came from there not being a flash, but instead a light and the reflectio n looks weird, i have a flower setting on my camera and thats how they turn out when there isnt good sunlight
  12. now thats some nbice shit...

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