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How does the Roor Carbon Filter Adapter work?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thegentleman, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. You put carbon in it, which is a filter, it must be active carbon (special filter material used in fishtanks and other filters) and it absorbs the shit.

    theres other posts about it, if you just google it youll see.
  2. its like an ashcatcher but without the water and better filtration basicly. VERY worth it. you need activated carbon though.

    better than an a/c
  3. this is a very good question i think these things are rarely heard of...becuz the ash catcher hype....cant these fit in ash catchers also???? i have a 2 foot percalating bong ALSO with an ash catcher, and i sumtimes still cough tar ass shit up...would a carbon filter change this dramatically?? how close would that be to a vaporizer in health matters? cause im starting to want to sell this thing and get a volcano.....but if 20-40 bucks filter changes it completely i wont even do that... i also heard once u put this thing in you get no reason in your bong???
    and dont these things have like charcoal in them or something??

  4. the answer to the last question is yes (must be active- looks like small road gravel but greyish black-)

    thats all i got now haha:smoking:
  5. i used mine for like, a day :rolleyes:. too much drag and or effort to avoid the drag, too much effort with that dirty carbon, etc.
  6. damn really?
  7. if you pull out the carbon adapter with the bowl, youll have no drag
  8. i just got my carbon filter a few days ago and i'm liking it so far but i was wondering how often i should change the carbon in it?
  9. if you want to just try it out, get your diffuser, put a screen in the spot below the female gong fitting and put some carbon in there.

    carbon is pretty cheap but the difference is minimal. there is more drag and it could be argued that the smoke is whiter and cleaner but whatever, i dont need it.

    i used to change carbon every time i smoke.
  10. I just got one of these filters and was wondering if there was consensus as to how often the carbon needs to be changed. Do you really need to change it after each use?
  11. hi i just got this roor carbon filter and am wondering what i need to hold the carbon in place... i have an 18 kneck and carbon filter.. any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanx
  12. Pretty old thread but didn't see much point in making a new one. Im probably gonna get a carbon adaptor and was just wondering;
    how often carbon should be changed
    can you put the activated carbon straight in or does it need to be cleaned
  13. The carbon filter, not to be confused with the filters used for growing to conceal the aroma of especially dank plants, uses that activated carbon to filter the smoke and catch harmful "toxins" in the smoke. I have seen this marketed for vapes too, although that seems almost too over the top.
  14. I've been looking at getting one of these but I'm afraid it'll add too much drag. Plus the roor adapter is a little bit more than I want to pay.
  15. If you use it most of the time and you are a heavy smoker I would recommend replacing it every couple of weeks to keep it working near optimal. Smoke wears out carbon pretty fast and those things don't hold much carbon. Besides, a small container of carbon would last a very long time, and carbon is cheap.
  16. I have an ehle 14.5 carbon adapter and the weedstar 18.8.

    The carbon adapters keep your shit so clean that its totally worth it. If you do an advanced search for my name and 'carbon adapter" I posted some pictures of what my bowl looked like vs my downstem after a couple weeks of use.

    it doesnt do alot with the dank (other than keeping shit clean) but i used to smoke regs alot and it helped a tremendous amount. I also do alot of reverse gravity bongs (waterfalls), but i usually take like a 1 liter bottle, burn a hole at the bottom, then just drop in my downstem, carbon filter and bowl into the top. That way im still getting a mostly glass hit, plus water diffusion, plus carbon filtering. This is where the carbon adapter does werk. Hitting a reverse of regs almost always gave me yellowish nasty smoke, with the adapter ive never seen yellow smoke.
    I have some bigger reverses and that actually uses alot of carbonbecause so much moke gets pulled thu at once and its really dense. Even with fresh carbon, if i pack a huge bowl and hit a big reverse, ill see some resin type stuff sticking to the carbon.

    But with my bong, i prolly change the carbon every 20-30 ish bowls it pretty rare i see any resin or junk on the carbon, but thats a good indicator of when to change it too. I went to walmart and bought some carbon when i first bought the adapters and i still havent ran out.

    It does add some drag, i would say as much as another bowl. if you only have your downstem in you can see how easy it is to pull, then i put just the bowl in and noticed the difference, took the bowl out and put the adapter in, and the drag was about the same as if the bowl had been there. then of course adding the bowl to the filter compounded the drag. And i always pull the adapter with the bowl when i clear the bong.
  17. very helpful everyone, especially mhughes, just wondering do you ever clean the active carbon?
  18. When you first buy it for sure. Itll be very 'dusty'. so a good washing will help clear this dust off expose more surface area for the filtering.
    i heard you were supposed to dry it with a paper towel, but when i did this my carbon stuck to the paper towel and it was just annoying. Usually ill throw a bunch in a strainer and rinse it under the sink for awhile, then let it air dry
  19. i know its pretty old, but this is my knowledge of carbon filters thus far..

    carbon has an extremely high surface area, a gram (about the size you ould hold in your palm) has the same surface area of about a football field.this "activated carbon", or broken up carbon pieces, which are essentially non reactive charcoal greatly filter out your smoke.activated carbon is an extremely porous smoke passes trough it, various carcinogens and impurities are caught on and attached to the carbon, including almost all tar.contrary to popular belief,thc is not lost through the process, as thc as a molecule is to large to be attached to the carbon.depending on amount smoked, the quality of herb smoked, and frequency, carbon should be changed around every ten times used.this is cheap as well, as a good couple pounds of activated carbon only a couple of dollars at an aquarium store or pet store.another perc of using activated carbon is it also catches many of the molecules of scent.

    the result?attaching a carbon filter to your bong renders the smoke extremely clean,free of carcinogens and impurities.tar is literally halted in its tracks, as bowl after bowl may be smoked and the bong water is still almost drinkable and can actually watch the bowl blacken and resin up and tar while the rest of your bong stays sparkly.also, packed well wnough, the carbon catches any ash that falls through, and the smoke is easier to hold in as well as not as bad for you with greatly reduced smell.ive used one previously because ive read the hell stories on cleaning percd bongs so got one for mine after research.they are definately worth it and in my opinion more effective than ash cathchers.hope that helped :smoking:

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