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How does the MMJ registry affect a person?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by 3Deez, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Just wanted to know how the registry works once a person is found qualified for medical use? I read that once a person is ok'ed that their name goes on a national registry list. Does this list have any adverse affect? Is it something that can be checked when a person goes to apply for a job (like federal)?
  2. If you are in California then getting a simple doctor's rec (instead of a card), while it requires you to carry around copies of paperwork at all times, puts you on no list.:)
    Just don't forget your paperwork.
  3. Okay. So if a person gets put on that registry though, does it expose them? I know that it can all be a matter of opinion as to wether it is considered good or bad...but Im wondering if employers would have access to this type of information? Not to start an argument but it seems like a form of discremination(sp?)...I mean...I dont see anyone taking a list of people who are prescribed percocet or vicoden(sp?)...or is there?
  4. States track your controlled drug use


  5. Im not sure but I believe that if you do get a MMJ card then it would be considered medical which means that your patient records should be confidential and that info isnt or cant be released without your consent or a judge order. There is a number and website though where you can call and verify the card. But again I think it just verifys the card as being valid.
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    There is no national registry list. The doctor you get your rec from doesn't give out your info
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    In CA...IDK about any other states but....
    I think is what the dispensaries use to verify you...

    *edit*...when I put that in is says
    Recommendation Information
    Recommendation ****18881****** is VALID
    Patient Initials: *.*.
    Issue Date: 2010-11-04
    Valid Through: 2011-11-03
    Doctors Name: ******

    and no more than that. But who knows what other info they have.
  8. Tomorrow I am getting my authorization for Washington and they do not require state registry's, but I am worried about applying for my Oregon mmj license as well because I am a 23 year old college student and do not want future opportunities to be skewed by a state registry sharing my personal information. What do you guys think?
  9. This is an example of what Im getting at. It would make sense that this information should not be able to be shared since it is a private matter between doctor and patient. I had not really thought about that when I first posed this question.
  10. Yeah, to put it bluntly. I have excelled in college very well and will be graduating around christmas with my first degree but I still have about 5-8 years of schooling and would hate for me to get in trouble. For example, if the federal government knows who is growing and an exact address, it is a lot more likely to get harassed as a legal medical patient than someone who is under the radar (assuming doctor-patient confidentiality.)
  11. IDK guys....the way I look at it is that they cant get into your med records and deny employment if you had been seeing a psychologist for some mental disabilities can they? Doctor patient confidentiality. IDK but the MMJ laws are so new and so vague that u can never be for sure, but Im pretty sure if they did then it violates your rights somehow. Now dont get me wrong...your employer has the right to deny you employment if youjust come out and tell them "I have a MMJ card." I now that for a fact...but will they and how they find out is the real question...again I think person info is not available without a judge order, but then again Im not a lawyer.

    On a side note...if your reallly that nervous about getting a card and worried about your info getting out, think about this. I have a card. Been to numerous clubs around the city so they all have my info. Then 5 clubs got raided and all the bud, money, and patient records were taken. Now everyone around town is worried what might happen to them if their info gets out. LOL ...Thats another thing to think about if your worried about you personal info. Personally...I say FUCK EM...They can come get me. LOL
  12. Yeah, I say the same thing. I recently watched a documentary that highlighted a cop that was going around on his own program. This guy was raiding different spots in the city he worked even though the places were operating within state law! One of my good friends also told me that while our state allows MMJ, he already told two of his workers that he better not catch them with weed in their systems when they asked if they could apply for cards.

    It just seems like people dont even want to be educated. My job wont allow this type of medication yet I have been prescribed medications for back pain, high blood pressure and issues in my knees joints....the meds I take always make me feel like crap! From everything that I have read, MMJ seems like a much better alternative yet it has this bad stigma keeping it down.
  13. You don't end up in a "national database". If you go out and get the prescription, your information is stored with the doctor and the website used to verify you. Now if you go get your rec at a doctor who just hands them out and he is caught & raided, hope he destroys the files because more then likely they may seek out patients.
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    Even if they do seek out patients, which I highly doubt, what are they really gonna do? Charge the patients with what charge. I told doc my problems. He said have u tried MMJ? I say no. He recommends I try it. And I do and it helps. Not my fault he hands em out like candy. I don't see their legal defense.
  15. Yeah exactly. But if its DEA that raids the doctor, and they just for the heck of it find patients, and the patient grows, technically they can take away the plants. But thats pretty much it.
  16. See that's what ppl have to realize. MMJ is still ILLEGAL. Just cause u have a card doesn't mean anything. Federally it is still ILLEGAL. Your employer can fire you if they find out. Feds can still fuck with you if they want to.
  17. The workplace can fire you if they want to, unless the Senate Bill 129 passes which says the workplace cannot discriminate for off-the-job medical marijuana use. Feds can still mess with you but if you don't grow a lot of plants they probably won't take the time to hunt you down and take your stuff away. In my opinion, only those with crazy 10,000w+ grow rooms are targeted.
  18. Not always true. In Az as long as you are not under the influence at work, you are protected. Of course that doesn't appply for a Federal job and some specific jobs. :smoke:
  19. lol some of you are some paranoid mother fuckers.. just saying

    Really for being so "smart" The comments make you look like paranoid fucktards.

    No National Registry. State Registry's have been floated - These registry ideas are a matter of protection for patients, the registry they presented in Washington I was 100% for. It came with valid protection but it never went into effect.

    In our states the products are our medicne. We go to doctors to get the reccomendation for the medicine.

    We are legal in our state and being afraid of the feds is absolutely pointless. Rub it in their faces, challenge them do not cower from them acting like paranoid little pot heads.

    My friend cleared his grow op with a Sherrif.. he was near a school but not within city limits but was concerned so he straight up called the cops and asked for a Sherrif to come down. 5 years same location no issues.
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    Yea but what constitutes you being under the influence "at work" when it stays in ur system for a month? Wish I was in az when I failed. LOL.

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