How does the MFLB work?

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    I'm really thinking about trying to make a MFLB for fun, but I cant figure out how the whole circuit things works, because only the (+) side of the battery makes contact. Does anyone have a diagram or maybe a really good explanation that dumb people can understand?

    I made a picture...can anyone confirm this is true?
  2. lol I can't understand your pic
  3. i know you dont want to hear this but . your ideas a waste.. it will neverr be able homemade.
  4. hmm..i dont think it will be waste..And thanks HighMtn.

    Once i receive mine, im sure it will be much easier for me to understand it and then make my own
  5. There's a grounding loop around the battery when you stick it in. It's not visible unless you're looking down the battery insert hole though
  6. I made a guide on building your own, covering the basic concept with images and materials list.

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