How does the magazine "High Times" operate legally?

Discussion in 'General' started by Iceman420, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Like how do they even operate without getting raided by the DEA? Because I've read their magazine in Barnes and Nobles one time, I've seen some videos on youtube(Kid Cudi, Asher Roth, Snoop Dogg interviews(s)) and I always wondered how do they operate legally? Do they have some sort of permission?
  2. It's not illegal to talk about weed...
  3. well I think it helps that they don't sell or produce marijuana

  4. Yea but they obviously appeared in camera having Marijuana, and most likely having it in their office multiple times. So i still wonder why DEA hasn't done anything to them. Not saying that I want them to, but i think by now, wouldn't the Gov take notice?
  5. You can talk about marijuana, just not possess it. And uhm do they operate in the United States? If so they probably have medical licenses:smoke:
  6. So.. they are not in AMERICA?

  7. Don't think so.. Lemme check
  8. Oh.. well, uhm. According to Wikipedia they are New York based... But uhm

    It's legal to talk about marijuana, and possess/sell seeds.;)

  9. lol ask mark emery
  10. well they cover some stuff in medical marijuana states, so it some way it can be seen as sensible.

    but yeah it's kind of a trip reading a high times at barnes and noble.
  11. Ha we sell High Times in my school's bookstore, they aren't operating illegally, they are protected entirely by the First Amendment. Most of the new articles are done in mmj states, but it's not like the DEA can track down every individual they interview, or even prove any illegal activity through photos in a mag.
  12. FREE EMERY!! And yea theres loopholes through anything with good enough lawyers.
  13. Same way rappers can rap about smoking weed.... :confused_2:
  14. I think there's a difference about just talking/rapping about weed, and having mountains of weed of which to take pictures. I think the OP is asking how they get away with not only talking or writing about weed, but being around the gardens they document, how they get a bunch of bud to have for their centerfold poster things, etc.

  15. Yea, that's what exactly what I want to know. Sorry, I was kind of vague in my description.
  16. the same reason grasscity is operating legally...:confused_2:
  17. We can't buy it in Australia, and it's illegal to import :confused:

    Pots decriminalised in so many states, but we still have to sneak it into the country in our Ass, or just read online mags instead :(
  18. I am suscribed to high times, my dad bought the subscription for me! :hello:

    my favorite part is the little herb poster that comes with every issue, my walls are covered
  19. Freedom of the press. If a New York Times reporter does a story about weed, meth, gay republican sex... whatever, he cannot be forced to reveal his source. Courts have tried to break this rule and a few reporters have gone to jail for a while to protect their sources (and reputations). Same laws protect High Times.
  20. 1st ammendment broski.

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