How does the government affect you?

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  1. So... I know a lot of you hate our Government but where would we be without it? Believe it or not we need it so I just want to know, how does the government affect you and do you even think the government is important?
  2. Government isnt a bad thing. Its how its run.
  3. Yea, and the people who run it...

  4. Yea too bad its run by a bunch of crooks. Who could give a fuck less about the average person.
  5. Government is in place to protect us, our property, and to enforce contracts.

    Other than that the level of government involvement in the economy or in the workplace is dependent on the country.

    Lots of people I know have the chance to go to university because of government student loans. Without those loans they would not be able to afford university.
  6. Pretty much what I meant. The government isnt some entity. Its a group of people. What makes it dangerous is that these are the people who are allowed certain knowledge, not unlike the Egyptian Priests.
  7. A society does need a government. But there are several forms of governments and ways they operate. Each form of government has some very good ideals and some that are their downfall, i.e. communism and democracy. The government we live in now is labeled as a democracy, and although we are much more democratic than other nations, we are a false democracy only labeled as such to please the people.

    Our governments focus has shifted from the well being of its society to greed.
    Yes we need a government, that doesn't mean we should settle for the one we have currently.

  8. not necessarily. At least liberists say so

  9. So do anarchists. Id like to see how our world functions without governments...actually, i really wouldn't.

  10. For that, you must watch 10,000 B.c.
  11. Government is the way a society decides how its going to run itself. I perceive society the way I perceive it though so I just let the Government do its thing. As long as I have money and survive day to day all is good.
  12. What does that show?
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    And that selfish mentality is whats going to fuck you over in the future by the same government you didnt care about. You are part of a society regardless if you want to be or not. Hindering the growth of that society only hurts yourself.

    p.s. government isnt a way society decides how its going to run itself, not at all. Society most of the time has absolutely no say in political issues, just look at the middle east.
  14. Thats fine and good until the government no longer represents society
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    Well, for one, the government keeps me from being myself out loud. I need to hide my marijuana lifestyle.

    Edit: And buy my supplies to support my hobby from criminals or undercover criminals (Dispensary owners, hydro stores, etc.)
  16. remove money from the equation, not a dictatorship or anything communism. just remove the fucking money, watch the new zeitgeist movie "moving forward" to get my drift.

  17. A bunch of people who do not have governement fighting each other and a sabretooth cat shows up.
  18. Do they not look to the Elders for wisdom?

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    I haven't seen the new Zeitgeist but I look forward to seeing it. And I don't think money is the problem. That's like saying it's guns fault people get shot. Money is a medium for us to trade easily. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of a society without money.

    Our forefathers never meant for our government to be the way it is today. A Democratic Republic in theory is sound, but when you elect greedy corrupt asshole's that bend rule's in their favor you get the pile of shit were surrounded by today.
  20. The new world order reeks of dying empire odor
    and changing the channel wont make that go away.
    As the veneer of democracy fades away, as the worlds
    down-size until it explodes, as the shanty-towns piled
    behind the malls become visible, as the savages on the
    other side of the wall break through, as everybody from
    gun-crazy militias to anti-immigrant nazis to fundamentalist
    child-raping christians to gangsta rappers to community
    activists to working families just struggling to put food
    on the table, all mad at the same thing: your SUV; me, me, me;
    "mission accomplished"; bring em on;
    buy more stuff, buy more stuff,
    fight terror, defend freedom so you can buy more stuff.
    The false illusion of the world is going down, motherfucker.
    Walk off your job. Crime is beautiful.
    A prank a day keeps the dog-leash away.
    Quit your jobs. Burn down the malls.

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