How does the GC store label its boxes

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by NPM, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I'm gonna order a grinder and maybe a new bowl and I want it to be discreet
  2. its gunna come in a box that says grasscity and says marijuana equipment inside, id be careful... now in all seriousness do you think a site selling paraphenelia is gonna ship their product in a box that would at all give a clue at what their company does???
  3. haha ^^

    sites that sell paraphenalia like gc, or chunkyglasspipes,etc. ship it to you in a discreet brown cardboard box. i'm not really sure about the rest, because to tell you the truth, i trust myself buying something from a local headshop than one online, just a personal preference, but i assume they'll be discreet when shipping.
  4. I have ordered a few things from GC and they have mostly been unmarked. However, one time when I ordered a herb grinder, the customs officers opened up the package and wrote what the contents were. This could have been because it was international customs officers though, as im in England.

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