How does she look??

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  1. My Galz 002.jpg [/ATTACH] Here are my girlz ,they live off tap water that has been left out 2-3 days.B'cuzz nutes they live in a tent and are happy:hello: So why should I use a PH meter,RO water and all that other stuff when they look happy to me? If it ain't know the rest! Tell me what you think?

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  2. Bottom photo bottom plant 6wks (19") others are in soil.
  3. They're looking like Beauties. That's hilarious cause I too leave my water sitting out for a day or two in bottles and I don't bother PH testing either and my plant looks happy as can be :D. Cant wait to see the finished products... nice and green :)
  4. Any other tap water grows??????
  5. Yes I allow mine to seat out for 2-3 days myself

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