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  1. i am brand new here and this is my first post... i have been "trying" to grow now since july of last year. after many trials and many mistakes, i have finally have my first female into flower. i should also note that i like to experiment which probably has caused me much delay. i feel like it has been an exciting although sometimes stressful experience. anyway, i just wanted to see what you guys think, the pics were taken at about 3 weeks after switching to 12/12.
    20140118_2346011.jpg 20140118_2345401.jpg
    do you see any problems?
    do you have any suggestions?
    i was going to re-pot just before flower but never got around to it.... is it too late now as i am almost at 4 weeks into flower?
    grow conditions....."homemade soil", oscillating fan, approx. 150 actual watts cfl (at time of pic).

  2. its in flowering, you shouldnt re pott it, might stress out and give you hermaphrodite.
  3. thanks, i kinda figured i missed my opportunity. 
  4. any other suggestions, comments, advice? i am a little confused about timing while in flower. i am now at 4 weeks after switching to 12/12. i was going to add molasses to my feedings over the next two weeks then water only as i am guessing that would give me a two week flush before harvest. strain is kc brains northern lights special. is flowering time counted from lighting schedule or when it starts showing "hairs"?
  5. count it 2 week after you switch the light. And molasses you can feed it every watering. I feed mine in veg and flowering. For me it show more thc crystals vs not feeding it.
  6. are you saying that it is perfectly fine to continue with molasses up till harvest without a water only flush period? i just recently did more research on using molasses and agree that it makes sense to use it in veg as well. i plan to try this in the future.
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    you can use it with nute or without, when you flush you can still use the molasses it helps break down carbs for food so the plants can absorbs. Or you can add molasses up to the last week then water.
  8. thanks, i think i will probably go straight water for at least the last week as i am under the impression that molasses contains micro nutrients and everything i have read indicates that you want all nutrients used up before harvest. i just wish i had jumped on the molasses thing earlier but its all about progressively learning  :)
  9. I think you're doing great so far from what I can see from the photos. The only thing I would mention is that to me they look slightly wilted like there may not be enough water in the soil and not enough airflow around the plants. That is the only thing I would say. Enjoy the process! I always do! Live High. Stay High. 💚💛❤️
  10. i cant remember exactly when i took that pic, but i am always concerned about over watering so i tend to watch for the leaves to droop slightly before watering them. i usually feed once on the weekend and then just water midweek but will adjust it slightly as i feel the plant requires. my setup is far from ideal and i dont always "play by the rules" but i feel like i am finally making progress in the right direction. this is how she looks today. almost 4 weeks into 12/12. 20140125_1836591.jpg

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