How does she look? Pics.

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  1. hey yall . this is like one month old. i just transplanted in bigger pot . but lately it looks like its growing more more flowers , and small flowers by branches and not growing in heighth , is that bad?? its about like 6 inches.

    its in about 4 gallon or maybe even 5. its 12" . should be good for one plant i have heard.
    i aint trippen.

    i could have low rider straind? dunno . cause it seems like it keeps growing leaves and not growing in heighth.

    but its cool i have heard.

    and is it possible to have a plant that automatically flowers without setting the hours to 12/12
    cause i can already see preflowers. the pistols everywhere. but i dont have good camera to go past all leaves and show baby pistols.

    but they are all every branch . where it nodes off. :) im going to wait like four more weeks and flower it.

    hows she look? opinions yall?

    i know i got one leaf out of the whole plant kinda a little yellow. but i stopped so much with the nutrients.
    and i got 6 cfl's daylight 6500k.

    also , there are two rigid leaves . at very end of plant. like the very first ones. do those fall off? where it just shows more stem?

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  2. if you click on the last picture . and then double click it again . and then zoom in , it makes the picutre really big . and look at top of it , you will see the vampire like baby pistols. sorry cant make better pictures.
  3. what ya think yall? :D:hello:
  4. Im no expert but she looks pretty good..possibly a little over watered (droopy leaves & dark color)
  5. yeah i kinda thought maybe a little over watered. but i didnt water all day . someone told me not to water til the leaves stick outwards? is this true?

    and do you think i should water every other day?
  6. stretch those lights out with some y's and bring lights closer to plant
    you are compacting your lights and not getting good coverage. also i would add some more cfl's to sides
  7. okay , i added a y adapter. but whats that do ,

    is it better than just having all the lights directly above it or something?
  8. ????????????????
  9. anyone else have any suggestions . or any comments
  10. well humper is right add cfl's to the side for start, and the y splitter diverts the light for more penetration, if you just have them hovering over the plant sure you will get a nic result, but when it comes time and u see buds actualy forming not just sex showing, you need to move or keep what you have over head, and buy the same amoutn of those cf's in 2700k and buy some "clamp on heat reflector's" from lowes and have hang around on the sides, cfls are not the best light penetrating grow light, so work with it. and it seems as if a little over watering, remember, plants can go weeks without water, i personally let mine get real crumbly on top and then stick my fingers down about 3-4 inches, if its a little moist, water till tommorow for ur watering.

    hope that helps, shes looking real real good tho
  11. sorry for double posting, but if thats tin foil watch out the heat will rise like you have never seen itll b the mutahfuckin sahara up in that bithc, and i might even take sum of your "cfl layout" ideas and steal them for my next grow, what do you have that pot on? another pot or something???
  12. you need to let that fucker dry COMPLETELY before watering again, even if the soil is no longer wet, leave it that way, and refrain, at about that size you'll need to water every 5 days honestly and only water just enough so that the water just drips out of the bottom. and if you are using nutes, now is the perfect time to start.

    "its better for a plant to be hungry, than well fed."
  13. thanks yall . that helped. and no hell no thats not tin foil , dunno what it is . just reflective paper thing . dunno . it doesnt cause heat beams like tin foil . it be okay .

    and its just on a folgers can , because i didnt want the plant to stretch. but its sturdy . wont fall over.

    and i will water every four days then. thanks yall!!! :)

    and ill try to get cfls on the side. its hard though with my setup.

    and plus . i heard that 2700ks are not good for flowering.

    i can just stick with my 6500ks. cause thye still have alot of red spectrum in them and some blue.

  14. so what yall think . i know its overwatered. and im fixing that. but i have question about my fan . would it be bad if a little air hit the plant and you see the leaves move a little. every time the fan rotates? or would that fuck up the leaves?
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    Na man it would actually be good for 'em. Letting the fan hit them with give them fresh O2 to suck up Co2 and the wind would build up the stem strength.
  16. Plus it might help dry them out a little faster too... i think.

  17. thanks bro , thats what i wanted to know :)

    thankk you!!
  18. Looks great so far. Is this a sativa? If so, remember that harvest time will be slightly longer than an indica. Otherwise, keep up the good work!
  19. yes its stativa :D .big brown seeds. with black stripes.
    thanks for your comments! :D
  20. 2700k is a more orangeish-red spectrum well the 6500k's are more blue, green, im not an expert on this myself but maybe when you add the ones on the side make them 2700's.

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