how does she look? *HD PICS*

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  1. Wassup guys, first time grow here of anything lol! My brother said he's surprised of how good she looks, and shes only a week in!(he's grown before) anyways, she's a week today and I just want opinions on her progress:) thanks!!

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  2. Your plant looks great man. What is your setup and what ferts are you using?
  3. Lol no frets...125 watt cfl 6500k, only FFOF potting soil, and it's in my closet lol! Here's a pic:3

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  4. lol @ hanging a huge ass bulb vertically above that tiny seedling
  5. damn i was expecting hd pics of ur gf :(
  6. btw is she a week since germination or planting or wha?
    my lowryder 2 is on day 9 since germination.
    are we meant to count from germination ,potting or when i first sprouts out of the soil ?
  7. looks happy. keep it up
  8. Since planting lol haha. And it only took a day for mine to germ.

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