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how does purp make you feel

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by East Atlanta 6, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. i go to school high every day on mids, but im upgrading to purp now and i need to know how itz gone make me feel cause i dont wanna be too stupid at school.
  2. how about u trying it and discovering?
  3. haha..
    if it's good purp, alot better than mids..
    and Zone 6? thats dope man you ever gotta meet Gucci? haha
  4. Depends how much u smoke and the exact strain it is. Ur probably gonna have a stronger body high. Like ur knees will start to shake
  5. yeah! gucci used to be at the texaco by my house all the time!
  6. Lulz @ "purp"
  7. it gets you high. crazy huh???
  8. purp makes you go crazy and kill people. Then you start shaking and muttering jiberish as they drag you away to a mental hospital.
  9. its not all the way purple it got real small spots of purple and it dont crumble up like mids its like chewy

  10. Lol u ate the bud already. Try smoking it
  11. What's a purp?
  12. u know what i mean u fuckn dickmeister

  13. weed that is purple
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    Anyways, if its dank, it will get you high
    You won't get stupid, mids make you get stupid
    Just smoke a little bowl to yourself or with a homie
  15. So what is Australian Blue?
    Is that considered purple? Hence purp?
  16. That purple drank? You drinking that robotussin son? Bad for your health, good for your brain. I've got a cold, same cold I've had for 3 years and I just cant seem to shake it. I'm high as a kite and my teeth are green, merry fucking christmas.
  17. I would just stay on mids when you go to school and try purp after school or on weekend or sth to see if you can go to school on it or not. If your not too crazy then good, go to school on prup, If your way to high stick w/ the mids at school.
  18. purp makes you feel like a slice of butter melting on a big ol" pile of flapjacks
  19. Just the weed being purple doesn't say much about how potent it is. All it means is that it has some Indica ancestry.

    Purple is nice to look at but if you look at many of the Cannabis Cup Award winners, many of them do not have purple leaves.

    Purple leaves could also be due to cold temperatures (while the plant is growing) or growers flushing their plants with cold water before harvest.

    Google image "Blue Satellite 2.2" to see a mean purple plant.:wave:
  20. lol. I thought this was about purple rep!

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