How does PPM testing work? Does it give me an element breakdown?

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  1. Hey all;

    First, please forgive me the stupid question. But this is the one most puzzling element to me that I'm struggling to understand.

    I hear a lot of growers talking about nutrients and balancing Nitrogen, Phosphoric acid, Calcium, Magnesium, etc. I've also heard growers talking about "parts per million" in the water you're feeding to your plants and how I need a PPM (Or TDS) meter. But what I don't understand is, how is a PPM tester helpful? Does it give you a breakdown of what quantities of parts are in the water?

    For example: If during veg, plants need high nitrogen and low calcium, but it flower, they need low nitrogen and high calcium (I'm just using this as an example), how does a PPM tester know which elements are in which quantities in the water? If I'm testing runoff after watering and it comes out at 500 ppm, how do I know if there's more nitrogen than calcium if there's no indication of the quantities of each? I could have 400 nitrogen and 100 calcium when I need 100 nitrogen and 400 calcium.

    Sorry if I'm being confusing. I'm pretty confused on this myself. lol

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  2. I can't give a detailed explaination on this, I have seen these mad scientist guys do it - but all I go by is what my nutes say and how my plants react, never give the full strength for example if it says give 2ml A 2ml b and 2ml c to get a PPM of 800 I'll half that and add 1 mill of each - adding that exact amount will give me 400 cause they have worked out how much is needed of what - in short no the meter is not going to tell you a break down of which elements are needed... in new do DWC but this is what I have worked out my self.
  3. Thanks!
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  4. Also need to add in that when giving the plants solution say you give them at 800ppm then check the next day and it's gone down You need to up the nutes to get it at a stable level..

    PH down EC up = give more water
    PH up EC down = give more nutes.
    Both stable = her g spot

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