how does opium feel?

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  1. i saw on here a way to do it home made. so i'm wondering what it feels like, if it's even worth it. also, can you mix shrooms and opium?
  2. It feels like most other opiates. If you've ever done OC or whatnot, that gives you a good idea. If not, it's basically like you feel incredibly euphoric and relaxed. Shit that you normally worry about you don't give a shit about.

    As for mixing with shrooms, I'd go for it, but don't do the opium until you've peaked on the shrooms. You don't want to come down while still tripping.
  3. i did opium once at a party
    i was just so relaxed and carefree
    it was a great feeling
  4. DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just stick to the weed
    if u do x
    then thats fine but dont do it too much
  5. like a blanket of looooove
  6. Opium feels exactly like Codeine & Morphine... Cause... Well... Those are the 2 primary active ingredients in it :)

    So if you've ever been prescribed Vicodin, Tylenol/Codeine, Morphine, etc... It's like that...
  7. fells good man


  8. yeah this is right. It feels awesome... just warm and great
  9. ive never found real opium in NY, if people even bring it up i immediately assume there bullshitting..i dont know it just seems like a myth to be, and too many people are trying to sell incents. if it feels anything like heroin im sure its pretty fucking good.
  10. Opiates diminish the effects of psychedelics so I wouldn't suggest combining them.
  11. I've only done it once and I thought it felt kind of like weed, I just felt a lot more relaxed and chill about everything.
  12. what does this have to do with anything?:confused::confused:

    it feels like one of those heat blankets wrapped around you on a cold rainy day.
  13. it feels black and sticky
  14. It feels very mellow and dreamlike, euphoric

    If you have any willpower at all, by all means get some.

    and please don't listen to this clown: DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just stick to the weed
    if u do x
    then thats fine but dont do it too much
  15. Opium is def. a great time. I love nothing more then tossing some into a bowl full of bud. It's heaven.
  16. Pretty mellow, and of course, numbs pain (warning... don't anything too stupid.... afterwards) Also remember that it can be very addictive versus the effects. In my opinion, very occasional use is one thing, but looking at the chemicals, it wouldn't take too many sessions to reach the 'need it or else' stage. Overall, as with most low-mid range items, it's worth a try. Especially if with a group of trusted friends.
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    i think you should do it.


    edit: in fact, i think ill take my own advice

    T+ 0:05 MMMMmmmmmmm fuck yeah :cool:
  18. Ever snort ten or twenty mg of OC? That's what a couple good hits of O feels like...Be careful shits addict as hell hah
  19. It's some serious shit. Not something for a weak minded person to fuck around with.

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