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How does one, resin ball?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SilenceDestroys, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Alright. I have a gold mine hiding in my pipe, but I hate handling resin. I could clean it out with with a paperclip, suck it up, and just work it with my hands, but I was wondering if anyone here knows a better way to go it?Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. Salt and alcohol and then down the drain. You don't have to get your hands dirty and you aren't killing yourself. It's three birds with one stone. Your hands don't get dirty, you don't smoke poop and your pipe is clean.
  3. I just use a paper clip and a razor blade. Small balls is better than one big ball. More surface area = better burn and less butane to smoke it.

    It's smoke condensate. It's composition is exactly that of the smoke you inhaled into your lungs. Smoking the residue will further break down the composition again just like original combustion did. It's not much worse than originally burning the plant matter via combustion.

    However, butane adds to the common complaints of feeling sick or getting a headache. Well butane and butane contaminants primarily. You have butane trapped in the residue from combustion, since bic lighters are not fully combusting the cheap contaminant filled mass produced butane. Then you're lighting the residue with a lighter again, and you need more heat to combust the residue.

    I avoid this via hemp wick during combustion and for lighting my resin bowls when I am dry.
  4. If you use a paperclip and then want to drip it on a bowl or wipe it on a spliff then heat it (not directly) with a lighter and it'll turn soft and gooey.
  5. usually I find emptying it all out onto some paper towel and wrapping it up, squeezing, drying and repeating gets it down to a consistency good for shaping it, and a dryness good for smoking, then sharp scissors to chop it up into little bits. but that's from a bong so its usually got a lot of moisture in it at the start.
    if its way sticky you can either get a sharp instrument thin enough to scrape it out or find a blunt instrument just a little bit thinner than the diameter of the pipe (assuming the pipe is straight) and then force it all out in one go, it'll be covered in sticky dirty goodness. then 2 shaping sticks are good, razor blades, toothpicks etc work well and you can rub keif from all your baggys or tobacco into it and it'll be easier to roll into little balls
  6. I boil a big pot of water and when it's boiling hot I put my bowl in there and leave it there for about 20 minutes. Take it out, let it dry, and you've got yourself a clean bowl.
  7. Thats a solid method but it can be pretty easy to put your pipe on a colder surface and have it crack instantly...
  8. Never even thought of using hemp wick! I hate the butane taste from my lighter and ALWAYs seem to get headaches after hitting resin. Wow, you literally just changed my life haha.
  9. Rubber gloves work the tits.
  10. A paper clip it out onto a double sheet of toilet paper, roll it into a ball. Simply done
  11. The doctor is here to inform, especially on a heated topic like resin where misinformation runs rampant due to weed snobs.
  12. I have a dedicated knife and set of picks and scrapers especially for these situations
  13. Use your fingers and deal with the mess haha. Idk that's what I used to do

    Eyes like Mr.Miyagi 🐉
  14. I use a shish kabob stick and put in in the down piece on the bowl and swirl it around the inside to let the sticky resin collect on the stick. Than i take wax paper and pinch and pull the kabob stick while catching the resin in the wax paper.
  15. O don't try and justify smoking resin.
  16. Paperclip to get it out, 2 razor blades to scrape off the paper clip,then scrape onto the other blade, then back to the other, etc. etc. until It's a neat ball. You'll still have to touch it a bit but it's not that bad.
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    dude your avatar looks like your suckin a pecker

    and OP resin highs arent worth it man. smoke clean, get a clean high
  18. Resin highs (primarily cbn) are great pain and sleep medicine.

    and sometimes a "clean high" is not available or affordable for many
  19. if you cant afford to smoke weed, dont smoke lol. resorting to smoking residue thats been sitting in a pipe for months is disgusting. i dont care if it contains thc and cannibanoids
  20. Why not smoke if one could? Because of your standards? Yeah right. Take your high horse elsewhere.

    You're allowed your preferences, but to condemn others because they have different ones , fuckin childish

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