How does my setup look?

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  1. How does my setup look? got 4 cfls going right now. Seeds aren't in yet they're just germing. I'm gonna go with a 18/6 light cycle turning them off at 12 at night and turniin em on when I wake up at like 6 30. I plan to grow in these party cups the entire time. What do you guys think

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  2. Also when should I start to give nutes?
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    This is the type of soil I have in one cup, and two other cups are soil a buddy gave me. How do you think this hydroponex stuff will work?

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    Used it more than once, it will work.
    I wait to feed about a month.
  5. it looks pretty to me but I would do 24/7 with the lights.  From what I have learned the 24/7 produces a smaller plant but 10 to 20% more in buds.  I am still learning too. and said nice set up but you might want to try to change the light set up till flowering then go to 12/12
  6. Very true thanks for the feedback. Anyone know when I should start putting nutes in my water or anything about my soil?
  7. u need to repot them eh the rootball will take over the cup ina matter of weeks...when theyre liek 4" high repot them
  8. you can give nutrients after seedling stage is done (2week) but start with half dose..or quarter dose even..taper up,,dont shock the plant,,ur soil is fancy pottign soil eh
  9. your grow is different then mine.   check out my blog even though only 2 entrys you can see difference in the one weeks grow to the next.  but you have some pretty plants
  10. I just need to get like a tiny fan to blow and circulate some air or something.
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  12. yahman rob a fan out of an old pc, or buy one lol, then all u need is a 12v cord from radioshak or an old cell charger, (i repurposed a model train powerbox, which is cool cuz i can lower the speed if i want to, but only takes 1 fan.) then wire it up its easy roll a rozorblade around the cordends, twist and tape them up,,ye hang the fan with wire or string. im using 1 big pc fan for my box its good. im looking for 12v rated cords for other pc fans but yeah ive seen ppl have three fans in a row used as a sucker fan to filter also ... or use a regualr small sized fan (may be louder) i just cleaned a bunch of fans i salvages, ps: cleaning them can be a bitch if theyre very dusty mayb just buy some...or if ur a germaphobe                                                    cheers Ruhi :p

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