how does my plant sound?

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  1. Hi this is my first post and my first grow.

    everything seems to be going fine with my plant so far except the fact that i may have over fertilized but i relised pretty fast and bought Ph soil testers and water Ph testers and all that and tested over and over after feeding it with plain water with a Ph of 7.1 (parts of the UK are good for water straight from taps).

    the leaf tips are still pointing downwards but i read they cant go back to normal straight away but they didnt explain why:confused:. The fertilizer was given to be by someone i know who grows (i suspect they dont know much) but the NPK is 6-2-4 (im in veg stage) is that correct, if not what should i get?

    The plant is 1 month and 2 weeks old at a hight of 41cm(16inch) under a 125W blue envirolite (i am going up to 200w very soon). at the moment i dont even know if its male or female, its got the lil green pear shaped sack's that form but im just hoping for some white hairs to pop out (or does having them pair shaped like that mean its female :confused:???

    thanks in advance and i plan to post some pic's or it tomoro as my lights have turned off for now. 18/6 on/off.
  2. Well if it has small pear shaped sacks it's a male.
    But i don't know why it's showing sex if you still have it at 18/6.
    have the light schedules been stuffed around. You need a picture up or something
  3. they are very small and hard to see as i have no camera with a good wnough zoom and focus.

    the pods are small and look exactly like the lil pod looking thing thats at the base of the pistils when they are out (from what i have seen in pictures). so do those pods grow then pistils grow out of them our should there have always been pistils visible as long as a pods visible. the sex is a main concern.

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  4. ok, i think the plant is fine at this stage. It doesn't have male sacks. So thats fine.
    But you won't know true sex until about the 2nd week of flowering. Looks good so far, deep green looks very healthy.
  5. thanks homergrower. thats a big relief.:smoking:
  6. shhh, I can almost hear it growing.

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