How Does My Plant Look?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kushblunts17, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Its about 3 weeks old it had some stunted growth unfortunatley. How do i fex those little light green miscolor looking crack like spots on the leaves and what are they?
  2. A little nute burn, as you said it was stunted, and nute burn would do that, so would the minor BUG attack thats going on,....spray with Neem Oil, 1x time per month as a regular to prevent that...time to transplant, as soon is 1/2 way thru grow season
  3. Alright thanks and how can I get it to grow a little faster since it was stunted at like day 1
  4. Yea that's very small for 3 weeks. What's ur setup?

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  5. Its outdoors.. Should I just plant it in a huge hole in the ground so it'll grow bigger?
  6. It will catch up just fine.  Make sure the hole you plant it in is back-filled with rich soil.  Add a Jobes plant spike (flowing) at a couple of weeks and let it fly.
    Happy growing bro.

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