How does my net look; first grow.first time using net

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  1. Hey my fellow I really have enjoyed the fact you can train your plants to make the most out of the sq feet you have so I bought a net to further help the training process but also as you can see i have been doing a lot of pruning and topping can people with EXPERIENCE ABOUT GROWING NO GUESSES AND KNOW "WELL MY FRIEND...." not trying to be a bitch but one wrong move and plants can change for the worst. 400 hps ballest 6.3 Ph and sensi bloom (best nutes on the market the few extra bucks is worth it in the end) 4x2x6 6 ladies growing in 3 gal buckets using black gold organic soil with a fan. 12 hour cycle which I started 2 nights ago after a slow growth veg stage of 3 fucking months due to wrong lighting and the SHITEST OF THE SHITEST NUTES. do not. I repeat. DO NOT use dyna bloom or dyna anything it's the worst nute in the entire world and if you think that that's your only chance since you dont have the money just give it water until you can afford something better bcause due to other factors as well it stunted the growth out all 6.plants. yes the were healthy but not growing but now things turned stopping due to these amazing forums of people with good experience and yrs of it. Do I would love some feedback.growing cannabis is the most therapeutic experience for my anxiety disorder its just amazing and I'm sure more than half of you know what I'm talking about these are my 6 baby girls and want to give them and treat them the best of the best but okay my fellow EXPERIENCED growers thanks for your time and feedback its much appreciated!!!!!!!! #namaste

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  2. I have done a number of scrog grows. First lets get the terminology correct, it is a screen not a net. Next tell me what the screen is made out of and how big are the squares? It looks to me like the screen should be higher and plant tops and branches should be tucked under the screen. When the screen is 70% full of tucked branches you flip to 12/12 for flower. This will allow the stretch in flower to fill the remaining screen area.
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  3. You want the squares to 2" across, yours look bigger in my opinion, but I am not certain.
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  4. If you want to Scrog you should get to tucking those plants. What kind and size lighting and how far away from the plants do you have it? They are either really stretched or you trimmed the crap out of it?
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  5. I trimmed the crap out of it. I thought there should be less fan leaves when trying to get lights to reach the entire plant but realized after some forum reading that fan leaves are like solar panels for the plant so no more trimming but thank God it doesn't hurt the plants. but also I did some more weaving and tucking I'll post some more pictures but any other ideas of advise to give someone just switching to 12/12 I really F'ed up cuz I cant flush my plants with the net so I have to wait until harvest....but also I think it helps that I've used the SENSI nutes the entire grow which are F'ing killer nutes so I'm thankful I had the extra bucks for higher quality nutes cuz it's more than worth it!!! Also lights are about a ft away is that okay? Prob about a foot and some inches away.
  6. What specifically did you like about those nutes?
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  7. You bought organic soil to dump bottles on it? Those things are butchered. They are green though. Lots of recovery gonna be involved. You seem to be moving at 100 mph and plants don't work that way. Ditch the screen and LITFA so you can understand the plant before you go into high stress training. Go to the organics section if you want a real living soil. No ph testing. No bottles. Just add water. The LIFE in the soil takes care of the rest. Just my nickel in the bucket.
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  8. If you just flipped to 12/12 you should be really tucking all the growth above the screen to even out The canopy.

    Nutes don't mean shit, im literally using just Maxibloom and my plant is thriving only 4 weeks old. Do more research on SCROG method

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  9. You wont get much use out of that setup with 6 plants under it.
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    You said the nutes stunted your plants, but it looks like your scissors are what stunted them. 3 months those things should be monsters. The best possible thing you could do for your plants is to leave them alone and set the scissors aside until they fill out.
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    Simple fix...don't over feed then there's no reason to flush. Lay off nutes the last few weeks and there's no need for a final flush.

    If you still feel it's necessary to flush place a large container under them before putting them under a net and use a wet/dry shop vac or a small water pump to collect the water.

    Rather or not the lights being a foot away is OK or not depends on the type of light and how strong

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  12. My plants look amazing since I took that stupid net off. But the reason I'm replying isn't about my last it's about yours. I have NEVER heard of someone NOT flushing their plants before harvest, your the first. Flushing before harvest is a MUST for good tasting bud as well as many other reasons that are too long to list but I'm wondering why you think that it's okay not to flush. Let me know I'm always super interested in what's worked for others cuz it is my first grow.

    Get back to me
  13. No its really not bro. Ask around lots of people do it that way. I used to flush until I learned how pointless it was. Just cut off the bottled nutes and let the plant use up its reserves before harvest and your all good.

    I grow organic now , so there's definitely no reason to flush. But even with synthetic nutes just lay off adding nutrients the last few weeks and it will be just as tasty

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    All flushing does is remove excess nutrients and salts from the soil and unnecessarily wastes a ton of water. Running a bunch of water through your medium doesn't rinse the plant just the soil. The vast majority of the water goes straight through the medium never even effecting the plant at all. It removes what's in the soil so it's not available for the plant to uptake. Cutting off nutes ahead of harvest, allowing the plant to use up what's in the soil does the same thing. I was under the same impression as you when I started growing.

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