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  1. i plan to use this space as an online diary of my garden. i am a first time grower, so any and all comments are welcome. i will update every few days or when i have a problem.
    i have four sprouts. the biggest is two inches tall. they have been growing for around two weeks. they are outdoors in a large pot. lots of light, lots of water, and good soil. hope to get two "good" plants.
  2. "the sun went a hiding away.."

    man has it been a dark few days, friday(03/06) was sunny and warm. and then wham, heavy clouds, strong winds and three days of rain. did i mention the merc hit 45? my babies seem okay. still green, still standing and still making me smile as i dream of things to come.
  3. i think i will thin my plants now.
    i plan to keep the strongest two.
    the others i will experiment with.
    i can not wait six months.
    i may smoke some early leafs.
    virgin cannabis in my bowl.
  4. I found a nice open field that i have started growing 4 sprouts like an inch tall each... i visit them every day and dream of them every night... i know how you feel...
  5. So, your going to thin 'em out eh? well what I do with the clipping is make them into clones...
  6. you have 4 plants from seed??
    why are you thinning them out??
    what happens if the 2 you leave turn out to be male.Then you are screwed it would be better to have all 4 plants just in case 2-3 out of 4 are male.I should know its happend to me.I useually do 5 seeds form several different strains and i have had 4 out of 5 be male a couple time bad odds i guess LOL
  7. so much has happened since i was last here.
    i did not mean to go away that long.
    but shit happens and you can not change the fact.

    the reason for thinning was do to space. i did not mean i was elemenating any plants. as for the male female thing, i have learned much since i got the growbook. male female, grow tops, seeds, buds, light, soil, water, who knew growing plants was work.
    in florida we stick it in the ground, water it and watch it grow.
    i will try it sometime and give you a report.

    i think the changing of the clocks here in the states has had a positive effect on my GIRLS. or they have finally entered the vegitative state, the growth on them the last few days is quite noticable.

    a tragedy has occured however. i moved the container holding my plants. i hosted a cookout, and moved my pot out of the way. the pine tree i put them under was not safe. my second tallest lady, has broken her trunk right at dirt level. i am going to splint and hope for good health.

    rainfall has been nil for about two weeks. no signs of stress yet, but i check them every day and talk to them to keep them happy. by the way did i ever say these girls were in a pot on my back porch? yes dear readers, right out in the open in my own yard.

    would someone tell wiwia that bambo makes good camouflage to hide pot in..never mind i will tell him.

    nothing more right now...

    write you tomorrow

  8. :D :D :D Yeah, I read the bambo thing before I read this :D :D :D
  9. the broken lady seems to be healing herself.
    she did turn her head upright after falling.
    but she now seems to be trying to stand.
    i have read about bending to make them strong, well she will be one powerful baby if she stands upright.

    the direct sun period appears short. as they are outdoors, though, they get light from sunup/sundown.

    i worry about the guy who reads the power meter and the guy who treats the lawn, but hopefully they will not catch on to soon.

    tomorrow is always a beautiful day

  10. well my broken lady has almost stood back up. it has been real amazing to watch. she went from flat on her back to standing up all the while bending herself all over the place.

    the growth on my best lady is about one half inch a day. i can not wait to arrive home every day and see how much more she has grown. i hope i can maintain my composure and not hurt them with to much love.

    i have to admit that i was caught off guard by their actually sprouting. i mean, they are just bag seed. no super strain, not mail order just plan ole' light it up and smoke it.

    any one else growing outdoors? i want to grow in the wild next season. are there any suggestions out there?

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