how does my baby look???

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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first grow, I need some help!! I have a lot of questions can you please help me out?? She is 2 1/2 weeks old including germination. Her 3rd set of leaves are starting to grow now. The largest leaves are an inch wide. I am using two 4' 40 watt cool white florescent lights about an inch from the top of the plant. She smells sweet and skunky with a weird catpiss smell. I have just recently fed her 15-30-15 miracle grow plant food at 1/2 strength. She doesn't seem to be getting very tall very quickly, but she seems to be growing leaves and getting bigger very quickly. How often should I feed her and at what strength? I am using a dehumidifier for part of the day and spray her down with water 3 times a day. Since using the dehumidifier the leaves are getting thicker and the coating on the outside of the leaves have changed(kind of a fuzzy look to it), is this ok? My last question is...she is 2 1/2" tall and in a gallon size pot, but her roots are coming out the bottom of the pot, should they be pushed back in or just left alone?? I am really concerned about the roots coming out so fast since she is still so small. Any help I can get will be great!



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  2. Someone that is good with growing please answer my questions. I need all the advice i can get. I am a newbie here. peace:D
  3. ok well first off nice looking plant.......
    Second cool white is ok but I've found Daylight flouros to work better
    Third stop using ur de-humidifier during veg your humidity should be 40-60% your plants will grow much faster and much healthier.

    Have the first leaves 'oval' leaves started to yellow yet if not then don't feed her again until they do start out with 1/4 strength then 1/2 strenght etc.... don't feed her unless she needs it about every 3 waterings will do

    You shouldn't need to transplant out of your 1 gal until about 1-1 1/2 months then put her into her final resting spot
  4. oh yeah and chill out people will answer your questions but you have to give it some time ........ most people won't reply unless they got something useful to tell you ........... unless they just want to look like a jack ass
  5. Thanks for your info comedy:wave: Do you know how much daylight flouros usually run? I also could use your help with answering me what i should do about the roots coming out the bottom of the pot. Should i leave them be or try to push them back up into the soil using gloves? The round leaves at the bottom are still green so it looks like it will be awhile before i feed again. Do you think the plant will be ok? since i just fed her 5 days ago a little earlier than i was supposed to. I appreciate all your info. Once again thanks. Peace:D
  6. if it was 5 days ago you fed it then any bad signs would generally have shown by now ... dont worry unless it looks ill ... most plants die from interference when its not needed ... DONT touch the roots !!!!! ... what size pot are you using ??? and yes as comedy said stop with the dehumidifier and stop with the feeding for another 2 or 3 weeks

    edit: forgot to say ... nice healthy looking little plant ... well done :)
  7. Thanks Shamen for your comments.:) She looks healthy. She has almost doubled in size in a week. I am starting her out in a gallon size pot. When she is ready i plan on transplanting her into a 3 gallon size pot. Her leaves seem to be having a more white coating look to her. Is that ok? She is not growing really tall all that quick just wider and bigger. Is this normal? I have the my flouros about an inch or so from her. Thanks for all your comments. I will update another picture soon. Peace:D
  8. all plants are different ... same as humans ... small and fat tall and thin and everything in between eh .. basically if your plants looking as healthy and green as it is then just be happy and dont be tempted to mess with it too much

    not sure on your white coating ... maybe your pics will help
  9. Do you thik she looks like a indica or sativa? Her scent is getting stronger everday. At first you had to smell her upclose to get any scent. Now the box i have her in is starting to smell strong. She went from a real skunky cat piss smell now to a alot more sweeter candy smell. She smells alot better than a week ago. Thanks for your input.:D Keep checking on me and i will try to have another pic up by the end of the week. Sorry if i ask alot of questions. This is my first grow and i just wanna do the best possible job on keeping her healthy.;)
  10. If you can see the roots its time for a bigger pot, instead of transplanting a bunch of times I usually start small then go directly to my 3 gallon pots indoors, that size should give them enough room for proper growing.

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