How does moderator selection work?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Sad Panda, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. How/when do you guys pick moderators? Purely out of curiosity...I love the city, and I feel the need to give something back to it. Or maybe I'm just too stoned, who knows? :smoking:
  2. When we need mods.... The mods elect and then vote on members for mods.......

    We don't need any right now...
  3. Yup, what BH said. The existing Mods nominate who they think have good Mod qualities... And then they put it to vote with all the other Mods and Super Mods. Majority vote gets the Mod position...
  4. Actually, we just had a string of new mods back in September (myself was included ;)), so we probably won't need new mods for a while....unless we have like 2,000,000 people register tomorrow....and all with beginning growing questions :eek:
  5. Man, it's only been two months?!?! What a long strange trip it's been, lol. :D

  6. About two months and a week :p

    *Tee hee*
  7. All right, cool. Thanks for answering, guys.
  8. We have a large number of Mods at the moment.. We should be covered for a while!!!!!!

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