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How Does Medical Marijuana Pertain to Pieces?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by HIGH IQ, May 12, 2010.

  1. So I was wondering. You can have your weed.

    But what is the law on what you smoke it out of?

    Could I get caught with a bong and they would take it?

    Could I go to the law if someone stole my piece and present my MMJ card and have them take action?

    It seems the only legal way to smoke would be joints, and blunts.

    Thinking logically couldnt they in fact take your pieces or bust you for them?
  2. Sorry man, but that area of the NORML website doesn't really help much when it pertains to MMJ laws. They do have some links, but for the most part, looking up by state there only shows you the laws that the "rest" of us are restricted to.

    Here's a website I did find that breaks down the laws across California. I'm sure there are other sites that are built for other MMJ-friendly states.

    Local Medical Marijuana Guidelines

  3. Good catch - sorry about that. Being in a state that does not yet have MMJ, I sometimes forget that there are different laws pertaining to MJ and MMJ. ;)
  4. it wouldnt be any different really. pieces are legal unless you have marijuana resin on it and thats where you show them your MMJ card and youll be good

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