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How does marijuana make you feel??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by ghostops420, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Ive been smoking for a lil over 20 years and rite now i smoke only highgrade n every time i smoke it i feel fuked up and hyper. Highgrade is not a head high its mor of a bodyhigh so i shuld b chilll but nope n ive had gdp, deez, orange kush, headband, white widow, g13, indica, sativa, marijuana it all pretty much has the same effects. The effects just differ in every strain. Sum efdects r more intense others r less intense sum creep others last forever.
  2. Like music is playing...
  3. I smoke nearly only high grade sativas and it makes me feel like exercising. Usually smoke up and run around the hills in my area of town. I'm not a big fan of indicas because they usually make me sleepy and lazy but I can study extremely difficult math with a good ole sativa, makes me feel relaxed yet energetic
  4. First time I smoked white widow I thought the crystals might of been coke... But it was too good to be coke...
  5. fucking awesome doing whatever it is at that moment in time.
  6. Heavy, Thinking, Relaxed, Questioning.

    Are off the top of my head, while not being high.
  7. Ah, well, sir, I feel like a, like a slice of butter... melting on top of a big-ol' pile of flapjacks... yeah.
  8. Lolol

  9. for real?
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    Okay buddy. I hate to be the ass here but somebody's gotta do it.

    If you were smoking for 20 years, you would have a vast knowledge of weed. Iv been smoking for 7-8 years and I can point out so many flaws. Weed making you hyper? What the fuck? Never has weed made me hyper, maybe motivation and wanna do something. Yard work, small projects, etc.

    Also the marijuana strains you listed. I'm sure none of them are only a Indica or stativa? I'm almost positive g-13 is a hybrid. Different phenos=different effects (couch lock vs motivation. Head high vs body high) I'm not sure if I'm 100% on this one. Because I know different strains are known for different kinds of highs.

    High grade is the type of weed it is... In order schwag, Mids, high Mids, goods, high grade. High grade is the stuff you get from clubs for medical patients.

    Grand daddy purp had me a nice chilling high. A nice head high but I was relaxed as well. Was amazing, was not hyper at all.

  11. Couldn't have said it better man.. Every strain you list had sativa in it except for gdp but sometimes dispensaries lie, and indica, sativa, and marijuana are not strains either and I never heard of "deez" except for........


    Lol I couldn't help myself but yea read a lil bit on indicas and which strain does what they have some good apps that help.. I like most purps myself...
  12. Exactly.
    Lol DEEZ NUTS!!

    Leafly.com is a good site that also has an app.
    Do your research son.
  13. Deez is sour deisal am i on apprentice smokers q and a? And yes g13 is a hybrid it has indica and sativa but is indica dominate. G13 a strain and indica and sativa r the species. learn yo shit people i was pointing out ive had all dif types of strains. Dam haters!
  14. Nobody's hating it was just a joke and only tried to answer your question and from my "apprentice" experience most strains have different phenos with indica OR sativa qualitys (and tons of different growers and breeders) and unless you grow your own or know a good dispensary you won't be able to tell. And if that don't do it I would suggest a T break..
  15. Makes me feel happy :)
  16. I've been burning since the late 80's and I prefer top shelf indicas. I use glass water pieces with percs.

    I feel calm and relaxed, numb, happy, insightful, hungry and get better sleep.

  17. Relaxed, insightful, light, heavy, paranoid, time distortion, very aware of my bodily sensations, dry mouth, sleepy, hungry.

    I know this sounds strange but does anyone feel like pot is evil when they are really high i mean i love it but sometimes i think strange things when I'm high.
  18. deez..=diesel??? i understand sativas can make one energetic, but man i don't know how an indica like gdp will make you bounce off walls. you gots tha adhd. take your ritilin/addies/vyvance son??
  19. Lol yea it's called paranoia and alot of people experience it when they first start smoking or smoke too much (I've personally never felt it) I've also heard certain strains have that effect but I have no clue which ones..

    If it is truly GDP then it should not make you bounce off the walls unless you actually had ADHD then it may. Which in that case you would want a good pure sativa. Or like I said alot of dispensaries mis label their meds...

    Ex. I went and picked up some granddaddy Girl Scout the other day and it looked and tasted exactly like a true GDP in every sense, ( tast, smell, feel, look) and they tell me it will have strong indica effect like many Girl Scouts do (some dont) since its also mixed with GDP you would expect some potent stuff.. However effects were straight sativa like many Girl Scout I've also had..


    THEY LIE, everyone is different, there are way to many breeders and growers , OR, which in my case happens alot, you smoke too much AND you need a T BREAK...

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