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How does Marijuana affect your life?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by NFloyd2357, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Yes, this discussion is inspired by Hubert, and his "Ever since I quit, Life has been Great," thread. However, This is a discussion, not a flame board, so lets speak our mind (and, please, Hubert, dont comment in this thread). To sum up what I'm about to say, "Ever since I started smoking, my life has been great." Heres why:

    I started smoking in 11th grade. Prior, I was in no honors classes, and got straight B's. My senior year, once i started, i was in all Honors/AP and got straight A's. Was this because of MJ? Quite Possibly, since I used MJ as a reward after studying/HW.

    Since then, I've made tons of new and great friends, while still hanging out with all my old friends. I go to a top ranked school, study engineering, and currently have very good grades. I blaze every day with all my new college friends, and so far college has been the greatest time of my life. On top of that, MJ has helped my IBS symptoms greatly. Before MJ, IBS would control my life, but now, MJ controls my IBS, and i can live a normal life.

    On top of that, it is neccessary to examine any negatives of marijuana. As of now, I have not found any. Typically, when looking for negatives, I would first ask myself if MJ controls my life in any way. Honestly, the only thing that controls my life, and that i am addicted to, is Coffee. I can stop smoking marijuana for a month, or blaze every day for a month, and my life/grades would not be affected. On the other hand, if i dont get a cup of coffee every morning, Im cranky, have a migraine, and fall asleep in class... which essentially leads me to be unhappy, and fail my class exams. In conclusion, coffee should be illegal, lol.

    But honestly, let this be a discussion. How does weed affect your life. Has your life been better, worse, or the same since you've started? Why does MJ affect you the way it does?

    I think this thread has great potential to show the world how marijuana positively affects every day users.
  2. i feel that it has positively affected my life. I'm not addicted and if I wanted to I could never smoke again...but I make the choice to smoke because I enjoy it. It's a great way to make new friends in a new situation, such as college. I've smoked some kids up and they are now my closest friends on campus and will help me out if I need help.

    The only downside to smoking weed for me atleast is the risk of getting in trouble and the money it costs.
  3. marijuana has effected my life by making me more creative in sandwich making
  4. hell yea!! haha, i know exatly what you mean. Youre high, got the munchies, put the craziest shit on a sandwhich, and it tastes excellent! lol thats great
  5. It has mostly affected me in a good way. I get straight A's at the school I go to. I've matured a lot since I've started smoking, and I am overall just happy with being high all the time. I'm going to college and moving to another town in the fall, and I just got some word that this town has much better bud than the place I live now. If I had never started smoking, I can just see myself never going to college, because before smoking, I was just a rebellious kid with thoughts of never growing up. I was in trouble with the cops quite a bit, to the point of the majority of the cops living in this town knowing me by name. Now I am too chill for that shit.

    The negatives, not so bad. I buy a lot of cheap weed, and I don't have a full-time job as of yet. I work at Wendy's enough to pay for my car and bud. I spend my entire paycheck within four days, and I guess that's a small negative. As long as I alter my habbits by the time college comes around, I'm good. I'm done smoking cheap shwagg, so who knows, I might smoke a little less once I start getting hold of better shit.
  6. Bud is the best thing that ever happened. Helped me get out of severe depression and made me so much more outgoing. Made me a much more chill person. I always think optimistic (when i got arrested for possession first thing i thought was well now i can take that tolerance break i always wanted to take. Also opened up my eyes so much.

    I used to want to always want to join the marine corps but now i think that was really dumb since basically its like being a slave and getting sent out to fight in some illegitimate war to make people rich. It opened up my eyes to the corruption and injustice this country is.

    Only negative things from it was money (glass and bud :D) but its money well spent. And it made relations in my family awkward since my mom thinks bud is like the devil even after i have shown her facts and told her all the benefits it has given me in life.
  7. Bud helps me make it trough my mundane routine of life right now. It keeps my mind off negative things, and makes me forget my worries; makes me carefree. It keeps me from going insane from boredom, and in a way it keeps me from pissing away my money as quickly, because i can be content blazing at home and then just finding stuff to do, instead of being antsy and not being able to occupy my time, or going out and doing stuff...which costs $$$. Granted, i spend a lot of money, its money that i would otherwise spend on other crap that i'd have nothing to show for, either.

    the negative side is that i'm dependant on it, and prefer to smoke every day, so days that i dont smoke, are sometimes rough and i'm on edge (not always, but work does otherwise stress me the hell out). I dont have to get super ripped everyday or anything, or even just get really high, there's something about mj where i can smoke a bowl before work, and then i'll be a happier person all day, even if i don't toke up later, and i still feel better once the effects have worn off
  8. It has made me happier, and even though i'm dry right now, i'm happier than i was before i started. My grades have gone up too, and i have so many awesome memories. Thanks herb.
  9. Happier, less stressed-out. I used to be pretty shy, but when I'm stoned everything seems trivial and silly, and I can just talk to anyone without feeling nervous or wondering what they're thinking about me because it doesn't seem to matter. Using weed as a reward definitely helped my grades in high school; nothing like a fat joint to make me finish my math homework. I listen to a way wider range of music than I used to, everything from jazz and classical to british prog rock to hard rock to celtic music to bluegrass to irish fiddling.
  10. made me realize that some things just aren't worth stressing over
  11. It's gotten me through some rough times, helped air out my mind. It's caused me a lot of stress too though because of it's illegality and occasional unavailability. When I was new to the 'game' and had more money than brains I would hand my money over before seeing the product. I got ripped off pretty bad which sort of woke me up. Yes, pot is fun but it's a black-market commodity which means I have to deal with dealers, junkies, cops, and other bullshit personalities.

    I'm not dissing getting high by any means. Just the effort involved in getting weed.

    Getting high gets me through ruts, hard days at work, and general ennui. It's a liberating experience sitting there with people I love and enjoying, really really enjoying those few hours I spend giggling or zoning out or bullshiting about politics, society, etc.

    On the other hand it most certainly lowers my motivation in a lot of situations. If I get high in the morning the rest of my day is a lethargic bleary eyed waste of time. How many days have I sat on the edge of my bed with my bong in my mouth, never getting dressed, just playing stupid video games? A lot.

    But in certain social situations it can be so much fucking fun.

    Like everything else it's all about perspective. If I'm in a bad mood it doesn't transcend me into a state of bliss.

    Weed has made my life more comical and more absurd. I appreciate it.
  12. Marijuana helped me view the world from different perspectives. It does this by increasing every perception from your sensory organs, and I feel it incrases my cognative abilities sometimes. It shattered my ego.
  13. i feel its definitely a positive now. when i first started smoking i smoked way too much. and it almost ended up defining me during my school days. but now i smoke about a third as much and its exponentialy better! smoking now is usually at night helping me relax and contemplate the day. plus i usually have back pain due to poor posture years ago so that really helps because my only alternative to smoking would be medication so strong it makes me looped out.

  14. weed has helped me in many many ways. first off i have gotten many more friends. before i started i had about 5 or 6 friends i could call and hang out with now there are almost too many cuz i have schedual (spelling error) probelms. i have also had stomach problems and back pains too. i thought they might be a product of the weed for a while, but then i stopped for about three weeks and i went to the doctor becuase my stomach hurt an unblieve amount. so its not the weed and t actually helps. its also good becuase i hat e drinking and here in denmark drinking is like breathing for these people. so i toke up a lot.
    negitives = money but hey here in denmark the governmaent gives me money to go to college! so i have free money yea! also the social stigma of being a stoner, but who really cares.

    O and a bowl before sex is one well smoked bowl:smoke:
  15. Wow. Great question.

    Marijuana has positively affected my life.

    Marijuana has given me a sense of community--There is no community greater than the marijuana smoking community, period. Bar none. Marijuana, I believe, allows us to be more open-minded--Or perhaps, it doesn't "make us more open-minded," but it makes us see that marijuana is something that's looked down on by society, their minds are closed. When we took the jump to be marijuana users, at different times, places, and emotional stages in our lives, we looked past society. We then see that, because people are closed-minded about marijuana, and marijuana is better than is said by the government and society, and our parents, then maybe other things are better than they seem on the outside as well--Be it other drugs, or a "clique" of people (goths, emos, stoners, preps come to mind) to philosophies on spirituality or government or society.

    Marijuana has brought me closer to my brother and father. My father was a big pothead back in his day. He no longer uses marijuana. Once he discovered that I used marijuana, I believe there was an instant bond between us--Once his trust in me grew, he told me stories of his hay-day, the drinking, drugs, partying, concerts, and everything. My father would accept me whether I used drugs or not, of course, but I believe that he sees a little more of himself in me, and I also believe that he's proud of me because I can balance marijuana use and academic success, which he was unable to do (or did not wish to do.) My brother introduced me to marijuana. I was very skeptical, closed-minded, and shared most of young, DARE-influenced society's views on drugs. A mix of my curiosity and his pressure led me to try marijuana. I loved it. I loved learning about it, I loved using it, and I loved the side-effects, the community bond, the happiness. Without marijuana, this community, Grasscity, would not exist.

    Marijuana has made me happier. Its thought-provoking effect has led me to be more grateful for what I have. I've grown up in a great home and have in my opinion the greatest parents to raise a set of children. These people were born to raise children. I am in a country where I am able to go to school, and have more freedom to speech than many other countries. Whether I am high or not, my outlook on life in generally more positive, I appreciate what I have more. When I'm high on marijuana, it's hard to stop smiling, grinning, cheek-to-cheek, teeth wide out in the open, hardcore smiling. How can you not smile when you've experienced such a beautiful thing?

    Marijuana sensitizes my senses. Taste. I don't think munchies occur because your stomach isn't full enough. I think munchies occur because every snack, every drink, tastes and feels so incredible. A cold coke washing down your throat, a good beer, Doritos, a sandwich, pizza. Everything tastes perfect when you're high, so much more enhanced. Hearing. Can anybody say that listening to music sober is better than listening to music high? I would hope not. You can hear every guitar riff, every drum beat, every tone of the background singers voices... You feel a beat better, and dancing is easier--Knees bent, body shaking with the rhythm. When dancing sober, it's almost like the music travels to your brain which makes your body move. Dancing on weed eliminates the middle man. The music hits your body and you move. Incredible feeling.

    Marijuana helps me freestyle rap, lol. I never do it in public, but I got home yesterday, went into the bathroom, toked a bowl out the window, got into the shower and started flippin' from the gut. It seemed like every line I spoke rhymed and had meaning. It was crazy. I figure most freestyle rappers oughta get high before they battle. It'd be the only way to go.

    In a sentence, marijuana has changed my life positively.
  16. marijuana makes my life better.
    it makes me happy.
    and i love nuggets.
  17. marijuana makes every life experience better than it would be if you weren't high.
  18. Mariganja has helped me out quite a bit. I get better grades, I'm more laid back, I'm almost always on the positive side of life. But there are some drawbacks, I'm deffinitely addicted, I'm not that close to my family (but i never really was). But marijuana gives me something to work for. Sure i spend all my dough on weed, but it's better then wasting it on useless crap. Also it makes my parents life easier, since I still live at home they give me chores to do, and since i always want weed I'm happy to do them. So my parents don't have to work as much (which is good because they're getting older) and I can buy mad ganj. Plus I got way better at music, and made alot of cool new friends
  19. I think there are a lot of positive results that have come around from my smoking marijuana. It helped open up a lot of experiences bonding with friends. I'm not saying that these people wouldn't have been my friends without it; we were already friends before I started smoking Junior year of high school. My point is is that there's a certain bond that you achieve with another person when you go through the experience of getting stoned with them.

    But I don't really smoke to make friends; I smoke because the high provides me with just a moment in my life in which I can be relaxed, happy and reflective. I love to think when I'm stoned- something that I learned can't be done as easily when drunk. It's not as if marijuana makes me think better or more quickly or what have you, but rather it offers a different perspective. It can help me to reevaluate what's important in my life. Sometimes a problem that I'd been obsessing about suddenly doesn't seem so life-threatening and I'm able to deal with it and get by. Other times things that I take for granted really come into focus. When I'm stoned sometimes I think about how lucky I am to have the life that I do... There are so many people in the world that just get pushed over; they don't have the rights and the security I do. I'm a lucky kid. My life doesn't need to be about survival; it can be about just experiencing life... Does that make any sense to you guys?

    As for the negatives, they do exist, although largely they're based on what other people think of marijuana rather than what I do. For example, I'm very paranoid about getting caught or charged with any sort of crime because that could jeopardize some important things in my life... Other than that sometimes I feel groggy the day after I smoke, and when I'm stoned I usually can't play guitar or bass that well...

    Here's a weird thing though... Usually the days after I smoke are days when I actually accomplish a lot of shit. Perhaps because I feel I have to make up for a night of pure entertainment, I have to have a day composed of work. So I go to the gym, get homework done, etc. Overall I think marijuana has had a positive impact on my life (way more than the alternative of alcohol could've anyways).
  20. I never did well in school before smoking and never did after i started smoking. It picks me up when im down but gets me angry when im dry. It helps me escape reality and come up with ideas i wouldn't have came up with sober it helps you think outside the box which is what companies look for and gets me laughs and stories to tell my kids someday when im tokin up with them.

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