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  1. I am new to growing and find alot of the information on the internet confusing. My plant is about 5 and a half feet tall, and has about 30 of these flowering buds on it. I am not sure about the sex of the plant ect. I have smoked some of the flowers and gotten high. They have been flowering for about 2-3 weeks. When and how should I harvest? any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    picture avail at
  2. So if they flower, they are males? I have two that are flowering and one that isn't, although it is the same age and size as the flowering one next to it. Do the females bud at a later stage?
  3. What is the best thing to do with males? should I harvest them now? I do get high from them.
  4. and should I cut down the two males to try and save the female, or is it too late. There is pollen coming from the male
  5. see lotta males there..but hey good gro......... kill them basterds b 4 they catch wind.....

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  6. yip....deefinetely male sativas, shade, you got the pic from me, i think, but vataloco gave it to me, good one aint it........just a pitty sometimes you can't post the same pic twice, the server won't allow it!....... as a spam defence, when i want to post that pic, i have to find the thread that put it in and add a link..........sorry they're males mate, and if they're releasing pollen then the female will allready be pollinated, you'll get buds, but it won't be sensemilla, you'll have seeds for another grow, and some smoke, if it buds o.k..........Peace out..........Sid

  7. ^^^^^WOT?????

    pick the male flowers, dry them and smoke them. they r as good as fem flowers and u got loads ov them so get stuck in.

    u dont get seeds from males.

    after u have took the flowers then hash with the leaf wud b a gud idea, u got so much of it ud just get bord if u tryed to smoke it lol
  8. yeah there should be a sticky thread showing the diff from male and female, that would help a lot of newbies. I'd make one but i don't have any pics.
  9. About harvesting let it go till the thc gands turn cloudy. Just like a female. Man if that was a female you would have had lots of nice buds, now your just going to have lots of hash. :D

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