How does herb help you?

Discussion in 'General' started by PercMyBlastBeat, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. In whatever way, how has/does weed help you? :rolleyes:

    Now im not anorexic by any means whatsoever, but a lot of the time(been better since i quit coffee) most foods just dont sound appetizing. Dont get me wrong though i do eat throughout the day. if i get lit, im hungry.

    Upset stomach, be gone! :wave:

    Got a cold? :( Can you say honey hash with tea & honey? :eek:
  2. speaking of which i just ate an entire large little ceasars pizza. whoo! :yummy:
  3. It doesn't. I dont need a substance to help me do anything, i can do shit on my own perfectly fine. But it does get me pretty blazed, which is always fun :smoking:
  4. It helps me with migraines, upset stomach, and depression.
  5. With sleeplessness & relaxation in general.

  6. Ah yes, sleeping too; I forgot that one. I'm an insomniac :rolleyes:
  7. Kills my anxiety in most situations,

    Flips my perspective which allows me to appreciate and experience things better both sober and stoned (which is what psychedelics do, give you a new perspective to look from which refreshs your every day perspective),

    Zones me into whatever I'm doing, especially writing and playing guitar. I approach it from a different angle, look at the fretboard differently I guess,

    Pain relief, used to get pretty bad migranes and go through bouts of insomnia when I was younger.

    On the downside it kills my dreaming and enhances anxiety in some circumstances when I have too much. So its a fine balance thats needed IMO.
  8. I use it first of all cause i enjoy it, but it does help me with my bipolar, depression, anxiety, and my many sleepless nights.
  9. Helps me with anxiety, intestinal spasms and back spasms. Also, when I'm high is the only time I feel like I can truly perceive time properly, since my personal opinion is that time is absolute bullshit, there is no past or future only the constantly shifting now.
  10. To keep it short, it helps me feel good when I'm feeling bad.
  11. It helped me just drive home from work in the rain. Or at least it made me so paranoid I paid attention.
  12. Helps me with horrible insomnia.
    My mind is constantly racing with what
    I need to do, haven't done, or going to do.
    It relaxes me.

    I get headaches a lot when I'm stressed....
    helps with that too.
  13. let me reiterate. How does herb help you? I did not use the words, "Why do you need herb?" simply how can it help. its not wrong to use weed for what its meant to do. its a narcotic, it kills pain, and does a lot of other shit

    i use it recreationally, but there are times that i smoke when im not feeling good. do i need it, no. does it help, yes.

    interesting way of looking at things. i suppose i know what you mean in a way.
  14. Not sure if it helps me at all, but it changes my perception of a lot of things, like music, political ideas, moral ideas, etc. Made me more open-minded, too.

    But it doesn't do anything like cure insomnia, anxiety, or any illness.
  15. I use it as a break.

    After all the work is done, its nice to unwind with some mj
  16. Sleep. Weed puts me to sleep better than anything else, including that Ambien crap.

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