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How does Evolution not disprove religion?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by mrblonde77, May 23, 2007.

  1. Evolution is more or less proven. It is fact. Deal with it, seriously.

    No, it has a mountain of evidence to support it. It has nothing to do with what I want and everything to do with what is.

    Creationism/Intelligent Design is not science, there is no evidence to suggest it is correct, nothing. Not a drop.

    Take a look at the following thread and watch the video. http://forum.grasscity.com/spirituality-philosophy/146303-collapse-intelligent-design.html
  2. Well you support Id but not Creationism, that doesnt seem to work out.

    Look everyone if ive offended anyone here, I apologise.

    I am not here to prove anyone wrong. I cant make you believe in God and you cant make me deny God. I could spend all my life trying to get you guys to believe and i still couldn't so this is where i stop.
  3. I support the idea that we may have been created. I do not support Creationism/Intelligent Design because it is not science, and it makes little sense. I did think I was clear about that in the posted thread, if not, I do apologize.

    I do not think you have offended anyone. You have not offended me at any rate.

    Discussions are good, no matter what some might think, because it helps people to get answers, or at least, come up with more questions. I do however believe in the idea of a God, I do not rule it out, I just do not subscribe to myths as fact. They may have some aspects of truth to them, I tend to take that and throw away the rest. I do enjoy a good story, however. I probably won't change your mind, and that is cool, everyone is entitled to believe what they want. Just as people are free to question. :)

  4. Well someone got a little chilidish with the reprutation system, not saying any names. Well im off so good day.
  5. I stand by my actions
  6. God put dinosaur bones on earth to test our faith in him and thats a fact!!!!!:D

  7. Since that is the only logical explanation based upon a literal interpretation of the Bible, and it is a ridiculous explanation, it should show why a literal interpretation of the Bible would not be a wise idea, eh? :D
  8. WHY does the title mention religion in general if the TC was only knows of Christianity?!


    (unless you want to talk about Ba'Hai)
  9. Well, perhaps due to most religions having their own creation myths? Christianity might be the only one explicitly mentioned during this thread, but that does not change that for example also Islam and Hindu religions got creation-myths which are just as invalid in light of current knowledge.

    Religion is after all based upon supernatural myths that more often than not includes some creation story. Those ("religions") that are not (supernatural in nature), including some eastern traditions such as zen-buddhism, konfuscianism (sp?) and certain strands of taoism, are often viewed more as traditional philosophies rather than actual religions as such.
  10. I'm beyond trying to reason with people who believe and take the literal interpretation of fairy tales to heart.

    The whole purpose of religion isn't to be true or not or to be able to prove it or not anyway, it's guide you through your life. If you choose to take the moralistic stories and what not to heart in the sense that "yes, they did actually happen, just as the were written or told"... well then, whatever. I'm not gonna try and reason with you about some jew walking on water (as one example), ya know? It just didn't happen.

    But as far as using evolution to disprove religion... well first off it depends on what religion your talking about. And even then, talk to some of the new age hippies... there's plenty of ideas on how evolution actually supports certain religious ideals (ideals largely outside of mainstream religion), mostly relating to the idea of god.

    Plus, you can't "disprove religion" as a general statement, just the myths and stories...

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