How does everyone start their day?

Discussion in 'General' started by Caboose, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. what do my fellow blades enjoy for breakfast.
    i havent been eating anything lately :(
    but i really enjoy hash browns
  2. I wake up and throw on a pair of sweatpants, throw my favorite blanket over my shoulders and usually eat a bowl of cereal or make a egg sandwich with egg-beaters and a slice of cheese... then i take a shower and leave
  3. On the weekends I will usually make myself something. Biscuits and gravy, Bacon, eggs, stuff like that. On the weekdays before work I usually drive my half asleep ass to a fast food joint and grab something. McDonalds Steak, Egg and Cheese is a favorite for this.
  4. I've been having those Fruit & Yogurt parfaits from McDonald's dollar menu ... so fucking good. The ones at Wendy's are pretty good too.
  5. that sounds delicious
    i never have the time on the weekdays to make a full meal
  6. With a bowl of my favorite breakfast... Marijuana (pun?) :)
  7. I just do it on the weekends, workdays consist of fast food/gas station food.
  8. I stumble out of bed half conscious, somehow manage to dress myself, miraculously fumble down a couple flights of stairs, hit up the water fountain at the end of the hall, stagger my haggard ass out of the door, blink, and then I'm sitting in a huge auditorium with some guy yelling up front.
  9. Coffee w/ whole milk and organic sugar. Rinse. Lather. Repeat 3-4 times.

    Maybe a bowl of yogurt with granola and fruit.
  10. I take 1 hour and use the time to take a big shit, and take a shower every morning.

    No time for breakfast, just time to shit.
  11. i get up, take a piss, make my coffee and have a cigarette.
    an hour later i have breakfast, depending on what time i woke up.
  12. eggs n bacon, usually

    sometimes as a sandwhich

    or a waffle or pancakes

    or whatever i can find if i am in a hurry
  13. well, i gotta open my eyes first.
  14. A fat bowl of frosted flakes.
  15. ramen nooooodles.

  16. point set match...

    thats my shit right there
  17. oh shit

    haven't made french toast in a while

    just realized

    ow i want some
  18. Egg in the basket. That's some good shit right there.
  19. Home Fries
    Eggs Sunny Side Up
    Columbian Roast Coffee (Dark Roast blend)

    Before I cook I have a glass of milk and a bowl on the balcony, then I go inside and cook up a storm. Pretty standard, pretty healthy, pretty damn good to wake up.

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