how does bud go into shawg.

Discussion in 'General' started by adam1120, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Is the bud always bad since the harvest ?Or is it because they pound the shit out of and stuff into tires and shit or what wouldn't it be cheaper if grown better, and sell for more?
  2. Bad quality seeds combined with a dry environment in mexico added with them being factory farmed.

    That's my theory.
  3. big ass commercial fields, lots of trimming machines and other farm equipment, brick after/during dry i think
  4. You're right they would make more money if the growers weren't lazy. Maybe it's the culture, too many siestas. :p lol
  5. Not to jack the thread

    But the seed of schwag herb produce schwag?
    Or is there such thing as bunk white widow and great amazing herb but that is like brick
  6. If the herb is compressed, it came from another country and was compressed for shipping. More then likely this means it came from a location that is close to the equator as most marijuana grown commercially in large quantities is grown in countries that are close to the equator. Based on this fact, you will never get a seed from any weed that is compressed that is going to be a variety that you can buy from a seed bank. It may be a good strain, but more then likely it is mostly sativa and can not be grown outdoors anywhere but an area at a similar latitude. When I started growing back in the 80's I started using seeds from bags I purchased and I can say with a high degree of certainty that you will NEVER get good dank weed from a seed that came from a bag of compressed commercial weed. The resulting weed grown from a seed found in a bag will almost always be very similar to the quality of the bud that was in the bag you obtained the seed from. I have never grown a seed from some schwag that did not turn out to be schwag. Now if you buy a bag of kind nugs and out of the whole bag you find only one seed, then that is a seed that has the potential to be something very good and because there is only a few, it was probably created by a hermephrodite, which means that it will be a female dominant plant.

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