How does anyone get hits with these nails ?

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  1. Ok I got a adjustable titanium nail with a dome. But the nail acts more as a plug wtf. If u dry hit with no nail I get full airflow, once nail is in it cuts down 2/3s there another piece I can screw on here instead of this 3 slot adjustable part ? I was thinking taking it to the hardware store and looking for something to help it prop up off the 14mm female part. ....lemme know how other people like these. .my domeless titanium nails give full airflow hits....

    Also what is that titanium nail called with the small holes built into the skillet part like a adjustable nail just with better airflow... 1461909119289.jpg

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  2. ( safety*) you could try and find some thing that to act as a spacer. Or take a dremal and open it up
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    Yeah you're right if it's it's my dab rig...... not likely it hit like that in every 14 mm rig i have. yeah it hits it just hits shitty . compared to a titanium nail. Have you not ever seen what they look like the regular domeless nail has almost all the airflow these nails only have about 1/5 because the rest is being covered by metal......

  4. I mean look at the pic it looks like a God damn plug for Christ's sake
  5. That's what I was thinking too is using a spacer but it would have to be like one shaped a certain way because it would just plug the hole wouldn't it??
  6. Well I had given up on it and put it away and just figured I'd never use it again and written off when I was just sitting down all the sudden thinking I would need to get some type of washer filled with lots of holes because a regular washer would completely plug the hole when a screen popped into my head and then I kind of rigged this up and it's working way way better and actually it's pretty damn good now.... at first it started with one screen straight and I was putting it pretty high at the top of the screw and I was just going to set it in there but what I found out is when I touch the dab tool to the nail it moved around way too much so I had to think of another way to steady it so I put on a second screen and experimented with some ways to keep it steady and ultimately I found a way that it's steady

    1462244734655.jpg 1462244740357.jpg 1462244746130.jpg 1462244752888.jpg 1462244760637.jpg 1462244768120.jpg

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  7. I like my nail low so I can see it through the dome...if u cant tell the top of my dome is black so I can't see where to out the dab when it's up high, a litteral blind spot retrospect I should have gotten A clear dome but I thought it looked "fancy" lol. ..dumbass

    1462245269549.jpg 1462245275792.jpg

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  8. That is the nail I used to have, is it Highly Educated? Agreed its gotta be the rig, I never had any issues with airflow and mine and I used it for a year.
  9. Man I just had a huge reply and hit post and then it disappeared god dammit.

    Okay what I was saying is I was being sarcastic it's not my rig because I'm not talking about one rig I have 7 rigs it hits like that in every single one of them

    I've only ever used a domeless titanium nail which has maximum airflow in my opinion this has about one-third the airflow compared to a domeless nail the only way for the air to get through as those three little slits + the Little cap on the bottom takes up half the space in the downstem.,

    If I suck air through my rig with no piece on it it's got maximum airflow and then when I put this nail in it it literally goes from Maximum airflow to barely anything. Now when I dry hit my rig with nothing on it and I get maximum airflow and then I put my domeless titanium nail on it it still sucks just the same. And remember I'm not talking about one piece I'm talking about every single rig I put the nail into it does that.

    I'm not saying it doesn't hit. it hits okay it just hits really really crappy compared to what I'm used to and I wasn't expecting that and that's why I posted it.

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  10. so I don't know if I typed it wrong or I was stoned or something when I was trying to explain it. cuz it does hit I'm not saying it doesn't hit it. If a person who never smokee to any other nail hit this they probably think it hits fine but since I smoke out of something way better than this I don't think it's fine. But since I put the screens on it as kind of a space so I'm using it again so you know I'm a little happy about that LOL

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  11. Hm, that is really really weird. I actually just switched to a domeless ti nail because I didn't feel like dealing with the dome getting stuck anymore, but they both hit equally as well on my rig. Very weird.
  12. Yeah I mean I don't think it's just me. Because when I dry hit it through a domeless nail and then when I dry hit it through a domed nail, I don't know it doesn't hit equally. the airflow IS different and I don't like the difference.

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