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How does a T5 high out match up to hps

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by OG*, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. How does a cfl T5 high output match up to hps or mh?
    54 watts times 10 = 540 watts would it be slighlty equal to a 400 or 600 watt hps or is that many cfls overkill?
    i tried searching but did really find a thread dedicated to it
  2. Well, from what i've read, T5's can be placed closer to the plants, which allows them to absorb more lumens.
  3. For vegging, you'll have great results with the T5's. But once your plants get some more size on them, when you start flowering your going to wish the light from those t5's would penetrate into the plant further. A SCROG is the only way i'd use those through a whole grow. So i'm saying T5 for vegg would be better than a HPS (of same wattage), but for flowering the HPS will win out because of its lower light color spectrum, and the more intense light output which penetrates better, and puts out denser buds. Good luck
  4. Years back my team and I experimented with running the high out put T5's as a HID replacement. We found the lumen didn't penetrate so the plants (as expected) and need to be kept small. Also, the T5 high output system put out a decent amount of heat. A 400 watt in the same space with the same air treatment produced far greater results for about the same energy consumption.

    I keep T5's where they belong...in the veg room.
  5. yea i read you can put them inside on lst grows

    i think im going to just veg them under a t5 for 2 months and see how it there coming

    i was tryin to keep the watts down because my electric is included and in new york it's 19 cents a kw

    this is what im looking at gettin for 4 plants any suggetions please reply
    Sun Blaze T5 48 - 4ft 8 Lamp Fluorescent Light System $250


    Sun System T5 Tek-Light 44 (4ft, 4 bulbs) Fluorescent $280

    Sun System T5 Tek-Light 44 (4ft, 4 bulbs) Fluorescent - eBay (item 320422847678 end time Oct-10-09 17:38:41 PDT)
    Sun System T5 Tek-Light 46 (4ft, 6 bulbs) Fluorescent $340

    Sun System T5 Tek-Light 46 (4ft, 6 bulbs) Fluorescent - eBay (item 180406456024 end time Oct-10-09 17:38:46 PDT)
    Sun Blaze T5 HO Fixture 48'' 4 x 54 watt Grow Light New$160

    Sun Blaze T5 HO Fixture 48'' 4 x 54 watt Grow Light New - eBay (item 180392783062 end time Oct-02-09 13:17:25 PDT)



    48'' Grow Light T5 HO 8X 54 + 8 Grow bulbs Free Ship 4' $275

    48'' Grow Light T5 HO 8X 54 + 8 Grow bulbs Free Ship 4' - eBay (item 300330329671 end time Oct-12-09 10:57:15 PDT)

    ive read good things about the t5 tek i just wonder is worth the extra 100
  6. They are great but they have their place in the room. Those 4 ft fixtures are going to create heat. Most people use the CFL's because they DO NOT gen heat. The new high outputs still do so in the end your fighting the same battle you would with a HID with lesser yield. a small HID at 19 cents a watt won't cause a huge increase in usage. The tight buds will be worth every penny

    Those are good CFL lights you have selected though.

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