how does a HPS bulb grow a plant

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  1. Does the plants think the light bulb is the Sun??

    how does the HPS light make the plant grow??? (yes i know its a grow light but what is the process)

    what exactly is going on when the light is off (am pretty sure they still growing)???

    for example:- i only have baby plants, when i switch my HPS 400w light on then after 8 hrs i notice a change in the plants appearance then when i switch it off then go back to it again a few hours later the plant seems taller i thought plants didnt grow in the dark so id love to know whats going on there???
  2. The plant doesn't think all that much but yes, it uses the light from the lamp the same way it uses the light from the Sun, and does not know that the lamp is not the Sun. Plants use light for photosynthesis, an explanation of which can be found at this Wiki: Photosynthesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Yes, plants do most certainly grow at nighttime, especially their roots. If someone said that they don't grow in the dark, perhaps that person meant without any light at all. That also would be incorrect for most situations, or at least an oversimplification.

  3. :yay:ha ha ha ha obviously i know plants dont have a brain i just said think because i could think of another way of putting it

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