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How does a gram of weed look like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Caronongan, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Only smoked off of from cousins and friends but I've never bought weed myself. So I'm just wondering what an actual gram of weed looks like for future reference in case I end up buying some so I don't get duped or anythin and I don't wanna go out and buy a fuckin $100 scale...
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  3. There $20-30 max for a good scale.

    What kind of weed also?
  4. If your budget is really too tight then you could just buy a non electric pocket scale
  5. [​IMG]

    heres some leftover that my cousin gave me. about how much would this be?
  6. Looks like a dub of what appears to be mids.
  7. Atleast 2 grams could be more
  8. dont say mids unless its in your hand and you know.

    people like you are misinforming everyone on what they are smoking.
  9. true that ^ its bad quality picture so you cant tell
  10. Dropping truth like bombs.

    I tried to +rep you but I got cock blocked. :devious:. Friggin hater system.
  11. hahahaha:hello:
  12. Density plays a huge factor. That looks like a dub of relatively normal density bud. Of course, I've seen eighths so fucking dense that you would swear it was 1.5g unless you held it. You'll have to learn to feel the bud and figure out how much different densities of bud actually weigh. No worries, though, it'll get to a point where you can look at 3-3.2 grams and easily tell that it's not an eighth. It all comes with experience.
  13. Looks like 4g's
  14. I paid $25 for a cheap digi scale at a head shop. Just buy one
  15. just get a pocket letter scale,
    you can pick one up for like $2,
    and then clip a nickel to it and
    make sure it weighs 5 grams.
    also that bag looks like about 3-3.5 grams.

  16. HAHAHA thats like a gram of middies man and get an iPhone if u got att they have a scale app that wrks decently plus then u can play games and phone home like weezy:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  17. Scales cost ten dollars. Go buy one.
  18. Here's a tip. Buy in larger quantities and ask them to weigh it. Problems solved
  19. are you fucking high!?!?

  20. Dude if my dealer tried to hand me that and said it was an 8th i would never call him again.

    It looks more like a dub to me. Around 2 grams maybe a little more, maybe a little less. Can't really tell because idk how dense it is and that is a bad quality photo.

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