how does a custom order work?

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  1. ok so ive been thinking about getting a custom piece for a while, and went to my local headshop today and asked if i could get one done. the lady took down my number and said she would call whenever she got a hold of an artist. so how does this order work? do i tell him what i want, and he puts his own style on it? can i tell him how i want it to EXACTLY look? how much will an order like this cost? a perc and ashcatcher with some work done, matching bowl but nothing too complicated. sorry if some of this doesnt really make sense im high right now lol
  2. It's just like how any custom order in life would be. It's artist specific I am sure. Most of the time you just suggest the color combo you want etc, and let the artist create what they want out of that.
  3. Yeah I would just say give them a general guideline of the things you want and then kinda let him do his thing. I've always been nicely surprised this way with some cool custom work.
  4. This is probably you're best bet. It's what I did at least. :p

    I just told the guy that I wanted a spoon, with a certain sized bowl, and using the color blue. Came out great.
  5. ok cool thanks guys. anything else i should know before going in there? something i should or shouldnt say/do?
  6. Just basic headshop rules. Don't say bong, mention weed, etc.

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