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how do your feel about your mom?

Discussion in 'General' started by lacrossestar, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. my mom is a big bitch she just took my tv and ps2 and is supposed to take away my computer but shes doesnt really know how to use a computer so i out smarted her i wanna call her hitler but i also love her alot too does this sound fucked up or what

  2. What's your mom look like? is she a MILF?
  3. lol@BPP

    well now what exactly did you do? and really lol, how old are yea that she needs to be doing this to you??
  4. dude.. commas and periods first of all.

    second, why do you hate her so much?
  5. lol. It happens, live through it and get over it :)

    MILF eh?
    \o\ \o/ /o/
  6. she has taken away all of my stuff and soon to be my computer cause she is like a neat freak and i am not the tightiest person in the world
  7. i hate my parents, my dad i hate way more than my mom though..we've got into many physical fights and hes said he was going to actually kill me at times also
  8. I like my parents.
    My mom is psycho about things being where theyre supposed to go sometimes though, and my dad is about otherstuff
    hes threatened to break my arm in 2, break my legs with a baseball bat and hit me in the face...because i woke him up by making to much noise
    He would never actually do it though, i hope o_O
  9. my dad is a control freak who thinks we get along better than we do. my mom is a neat freak. I've just learned how to keep them both happy enough that they don't look to closely at what I'm doing and it makes it easier to hide things. If they ever found out I was doing something I was supposed to they'd be hella pissed tho. I think they're over protective and too strict about a lot of things, but they're only doing what they think is right and there's not a whole lot I can do about it. I can either cause grief and have them do the same to me or try to keep them happy and be able to get away with things they don't know about because I keep them happy.
  10. My mom and dad are cool hippies,
    I smoke all the time with them.
    I'll never say i hate them even if i dislike what they say.
    They gave you life so smoke up and forgrt about it.
  11. when life gets too complicated i just pick up a pipe and smoke a bowl. u can all learn from a guy like me.
  12. I just want to say this.......

    Your parents have been in your shoes before.. As parents we try and guide our kids to be better than we were and we are now.. Right or wrong in your mind, we care enough about our kids to try and keep them from screwing up like we did..

    When you guys start having kids, you will understand your parents more! Believe it!!!!!!!! it is true!!!!!
  13. My mom was a hippie and smoked weed adn all sorts of shit. Now she gets angry if i smoke, it just makes me mad because i have to be so careful when i smoke, its really a pain in the ass.

  14. is that why they are really smelly?
    i'm gonna have words with dad and his smelly farmers feet.

  15. Being from the almost poor part of the USA (the working class) we hand down shoes, underware and even socks....

    Tell your dad to put some baking powder in those shoes before he passes them down to you! LOL
  16. what baffles my mind tho' is that adults (who should know better) decide to *become* parents.

    i mean kids. first they shit and piss all over the place. and they got no volume control. and all the food you give'em they burp up again, making yet more mess. then they make demands for all kinds of expensive useless junk. and guess who's gonna pick up all those things, huh? and they get older still, and all they do is tell ya' you don't know shit, and they still don't pick up their own junk. and make even more outrageous demands for expensive clothes and weekly allowances.

    the day i get kid(s), it'll be an accident (WHAT'DYA MEAN YOU'RE 3 WEEKS LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  17. Did you realise that 65% or more of the kids born today happens that way??

    Alot of the people who have kids do it for the wrong reason..

    Others get caught by surprise and then have no clue what the hell to do!

    My kids do what they are told to do. If they don't do it, they get NOTHING!
  18. I had big problems with my mother for a few years. I have recently learned that all the little fights we had just weren't worth it. She died today.
  19. ^^^^

    condolances. that sucks.
  20. thanks...

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