how do you?

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  1. how do you create a mother plant?
  2. You plant a seed and hope its a female
  3. Well stated man
  4. a mother plant isnt a plant that you dont flkower u just keep veggin it and dont change the light schedule??
  5. Your correct hova. A mother plant is normally one that the grower singles out as growing faster then others or produces bigger buds then others or anything along the lines of just good genes. They then keep this mother plant in the veg state for as long as the want. They then clip branches off from time to time and use cloning gel to create their new crop. And thats all there is to it.
  6. Well said Moggy. Blaze On.
  7. gotcha, so afteer you go through a cycle where its vegging and flowering and see that it produced good u then put it back under vegging light schedule?
  8. No, mothers are sources of clone material. You do not let it flower, but keep it under a 18/6 light regime for ever. That way they can live for a number of years, and do not die as MJ does in nature after flowering.
  9. Hova when you said "go through a cycle where its vegging and flowering" you were asking if you sex the plant first. And to that end yes you can do that. However you do not let your plant bud you only let it show signs of sex then you revert it back to normal veg lighting. Simply change the light back to 12/12(12 hours on and 12 hours off) until you see female or male anatomy.

    You might be asking how a breeder would know which plant produces bigger buds or ones with more thc or just any desirable trait. Well I'll tell you, they don't to start with.
    Say for example I'm going to grow 4 skunk plants and I have already sexed them so I know their all girls. Now while their still in the veg state about 2 weeks before I put them to flower, I will take a cutting from each one and start the cloning process. So while my main plants are budding up I have these other 4 cuttings that I'm vegging out in another room. Once my original plants are harvested I can determine which preformed the best, smoked best, most thc and etc. And bam you've determined what plant will be the mother of all your future babies. I hope this helps.

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