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How do you wash down a good smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Granica, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. Eh, i like washing it down with an Ice cold beer.
    cuz it sets the mood for a cigarette. and also the mixture of weed and a very small amount of alcohol always gives a warm, numb feeling.

    love it... cant leave it!
  2. another blunt....n then top it all off with a bowl hit....then some lucky charms.....there magically delicious bitch.
  3. i like making the frozen lemonade things, the ones where you just add water. so delicious, especially if you put some strawberries too
  4. Did anyone notice the date of the posts at the start of this page 2001! Nice revive Granica. I like washing a smoke down with some of the delicious belgian beers. They drink stella artois over here like budweiser in the states. I also love just having an energy drink after i hit a bowl. I know it seems strange, but it actually makes my high productive when I'm not feeling it which is great.
  5. Did the OP say he chugs a half bottle of Hot Damn? That's liquor where I come from, shit. I like sweet tea or a Black Russian.
  6. Guys. Get the RX Energy stuff from Arizona Tea... The economy can that costs a buck. That shit's got mango juice in it, and it's my favorite drink period. Not counting Sobe No Fear, I consider that on the level of hillbilly heroin.
  7. I like to wash it down with a can of monster.
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