How do you want to die?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by mrblonde77, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. How does everyone here envisioning themselves dieing? How do you want to die?

    Personally, I want to be the one that ends me. No one else is deserving to kill me. And fuck rotting to the point my heart stops beating. I am definitely killing myself at some point. My friend and I have agreed that 60 is a good cut off age. I have fantasies about writing a note and taking a bullet to my head on the eve of my 60th birthday. :) Should be quick, easy, and painless. I'll never even know I killed myself! I always read Hunter S. Thompson's suicide note with awe and respect. It's just so perfect and so awesome. :)

  2. I'm torn between two different options. Parachute not opening or going out in a fire storm of bullets after defying every order the Federal government gives me to "cease and desist."
  3. If you are going to kill yourself why not kill two birds with one stone and do a revolutionary suicide. Pick a cause and kill yourself in the name of it, just like the monks who lit themselves on fire.

    I hope to die just as my life becomes crappy and useless. I definitely hope I die before my wife, thats the best part about being the husband. A pointless and unexpected death while sleeping would suit me just fine.

    edit: I want to be buried in the garden. I would rather turn into flowers for the family than turn into grass for the cemetery. Recycling at its best.
  4. I've seen people die up close courtesy of Uncle Sam.

    Quick is better.
  5. I've thought about it. School would be a nice place since there is currently an insane amount of injustice being served. Also if the draft ever was re-instated and I was drafted, I would go up to some govt building and BANG. Def make the cause aware.
  6. I want to die with no money and lots of friends.
  7. I want to die in my sleep.
  8. The only way I'd ever want to die is if our species cannot ever reverse engineer entropy of the Universe. If death is inevitable, then life is pointless... besides to enjoy the ride, of course.

    But, given our current role in the Universe... I"l go like Cheebaa; painlessly in my sleep, thanks.
  9. If I could choose...

    I would want to die with a clear full view of this:


    I will never take my own life for anything, even if im old and gonna ride it til I have no choice. If im on my death bed, take me somewhere dark enough to see this view, leave me be, and let nature do the rest.
  10. I do not envision myself dying, thank you. :p

    Though if I had to choose, it would be painlessly in my sleep.
  11. I don't actually care how as long as I don't see it coming.
  12. i don't care how i die, but when i do i don't want people (family) spending tons of money on my corpse for funeral and burial. at 60yrs old i plan to still be having fun

  13. ROFL, just got an image of a train splattering someone..
  14. that was last year. now my philosophy has changed. Now I'm with the transhumanist below vvvv

  15. I would like to die by marijuana overdose
  16. I don't know that I can really set an age and draw the line to kill myself when I get that old... I think I'd rather judge it when the time comes. Plenty of people older than 60 live fulfilling lives and enjoy themselves. Now if I ever get to a point where I'm extremely unhealthy, generally miserable, and alone in life... or if a doctor diagnoses me with a terminal disease and gives me a short amount of time to live, then hell yeah I'll kill myself in some extravagant way that makes people think. I'd like to write a long ass rant about all the reasons the world is fucked up and then in my will, spend all my money on publishing it.
  17. for real

    will an administrator please just delete this thread? and all these others? All it is is depressing and everytime I come on now i see SUICIDE THIS or SUICIDE THAT

    why not talk about something positive or at least not NEGATIVE.

  18. Eh, I would like to die smoking a 100% THC hash blunt, while giving it to some supermodel in her ass, in the back of some rediculously priced luxury vehicle, on the showroom floor.

    Wearing a Hugh Hefner-esque houserobe, in my 80s. I'll still be able to fuck like a champ.

  19. What the hell are you talking about?
  20. I want to die taking 3 or 4 DEA officers head on, no pussy weapons. And just kicking and fighting and screaming pro marijuna things. (after smoking like 3 blunts to the dome) Or being smothered by the greatest set of tits in the world. (after smoking like 3 blunts to the dome)

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