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how do you view the world while high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wein-dog12, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. i was just wondering how do you guys and girls here on gc think about the world while your stoned when im high i look at the world and everything in it equally like i dont view things as just objects i think about their purpose and meaning not as somthing i take for granted while sober anyways maybe im really blazed but oh well
  2. what i see seems painted, a moving painting of sorts. and i realize the true beauty of everything
  3. just a place i am to chill for a while:smoking:
  4. im feeling it man =]
  5. im feelin that^^!
  6. thanks man, i like your perspective too. ill think about it more when im "feeling it" =P
  7. one thing that always stands out to me is how much bullshit there is. whether its the fact that pot isnt legalized or like some bullshit arguments with my mom or something my friend is saying. idk when im high i seem to analyze stuff
  8. i like to sit in a tree and contemplate humanity's similarities to the ants that use the tree as a superhighway
  9. when im really high and delivering pizza i see a random sampling of society and it makes me realize everyone is an ant working towards some instinctual goal. or like cattle that just eat and get moved from field to field. pot helps me see how mundane society is and how beautiful the world, Gaea is... im high now :) i dont think pot makes me look at anything differently though, its more like it makes it easier to see things i already do... i dunno if pot caused any of this... i think its something greater, pot just helps us get through the bs to find it...:confused: i dunno im -> :smoking: !!!
  10. That is pretty good. Did you think of that yourself?
    I think I'm gonna steal it and use it to pick up girls. I can see it now...

    HER: So why do you smoke?
    ME: My perspective shifts and suddenly reality is a canvas. What I see then seems painted... a moving painting of sorts. And it is there I can see the true beauty in everything.
    *Look deeply into her eyes, softly touch her face and lean in for the kiss*
  11. i deffinetly know what your talking about. Seeing/observing random people can be an amazing expirience to do while high.:smoking:
  12. When I'm high, i'm able to look at things from every point of view.
    That's why I LOVE marijuana :)
  13. haha dude you're the man. imma do the same thing, but im gonna squeeze a kill hit in somwhere cus that shit looks tight :D
  14. Humans are fucked up and the only thing one should follow is God and himself.
  15. relized that the world is fucked up
    and everybody needs to chill out and smoke a joint
    then work it out after that
  16. dam! mad props for that, i cant think that kind of shit!

  17. hahaha that was hella funny.but i just enjoy the simple things in life.trees, blue skys green grass etc

    edit:i also notice how many more assholes in the world there are then nice people

  18. That just might fucking work. If it does ill rep you
  19. i appreciate little trees,birds singing,and the hills.i dont know nature is just wayy more amazing.

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