how do you use a glass drill (dremel)

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  1. Ok how do you use it, i see how what speed and how do i use it to not fuck up the glass im working with to make a bong, thanks..
  2. Fill a bucket with water, or grab a hose and let it run down where you're drilling. Press really gently but firmly, and go at a medium speed.

    GL and keep your grip on it.
  3. Google is your best friend.
  4. grasscity is my best friend?
  5. def. couldve searched for this but...

    What kinda dremel do you have? also what tip are you using? My dremel has 2 speeds, slow and fast, i used [fast] and about every minute or so i would just dip the tip of the dremel into a cup of water, that worked for me... I used to do that bucket shit, but I mean you really dont need it unless you have a high powered drill...

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