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How do you use a carb?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lancer7, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I mean I know what it is and the logistics of it. But, when do I let my thumb off the hole? At the end of my hit? In the middle, then put my thumb back on the hole? halp
  2. id always take my thumb off once i see it lit after a lil for kind of a rush of smoke hard to explain, lol :smoking:

  3. The purpose of a carb is to allow the smoke to clear from the piece and stop drawing on the bowl. If you're doing one hits, then you release the carb after all the herb in the bowl is burnt. If you're sharing a big bowl, then you inhale until you're about 3/4 full then pop the carb to stop the bowl burning and the fresh air coming in through the carb clears the smoke out of the piece and into your lungs.

    A rookie mistake is to torch the bowl, inhale until your full, pop the carb too late and leave a bunch of smoke in the piece. A super rookie move is to try to inhale more than you can handle and cough into the piece and wet the herb. You want to only light a small section of the bowl and only spark as much as you can inhale.
  4. Best said!

    Please take notes OP, the 2 mistakes he highlighted are REALLY, REALLY annoying, and will for sure bring nothing but insult and hatred towards you.

  5. This^^

    He explained it perfect.

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