How do you treat sadness/negative feelings?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by incrededibles, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. figure out WHAT is causing you to feel sad and do something about it
    for example, if I don't work or if I sit around the house doing nothing, I get sad and depressed.
    so I got a job and now I am a much happier person

    and not just any "job" but something you would enjoy doing. that's the key, do something you enjoy doing and you will be alot happier
    a lot of people get shit jobs they hate and they are the worse to be around.
    stay away from people who create negative feelings for you

    smoking weed is not going to solve your problems, it will only make you feel better. but after a while, it dosnt do any good....well maybe if helps you open your mind and get out of the box your stuck in
    try to be around positive people
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  2. Eh - give it time...


    Just kidding - going home at the end of any day no matter what you do or who you work for and knowing, even if it’s just to yourself that you got a good solid days work in and accomplished things will naturally boost you are overall perspective on life.

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  3. Music helps alot. Sometime isolation helps, sometimes being with friends helps.
  4. haha right.
    I worked 60-something hours last week, and im ready to do it again lol
    also exercising helps out a lot. get those natural endorphins flowing...
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  5. I spent 22 years in the Army, sometimes my head gets into a dark place. I live on a large property in the mountains so, I can just disappear into a wilderness whenever I like. A bit of gear in a backpack, my dogs, some good bud & just wander. Eat, sleep, catch a buzz, chase a deer, living on the free & easy.

    I'm convinced that savagery is the cure for sadness.
  6. MUSIC
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  7. Well someone’s always got it worse then you... but don’t let that make you feel happy. I look at it like this it’s such a. Tiny emotion compared to this huge galaxy we live in where space is endless, our problems and us ourselves are so small!

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    I watch it as it moves through me and bring out the heavy duty guardrails to keep it from moving too deep inside.
  9. Embrace it, without the pain you can not truly enjoy pleasure. We're all captains of a sinking ship anyways, so smile. :)
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  10. I'm severely bipolar so negative thoughts are a death sentence or at least it's been over the past 15 years when it all flipped flopped on me. So I do a DAB or two take my mind off everything for at least a while give my soul time to reboot and hopefully I can move on with my day.
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  11. What do you do when the weeds not around?
  12. Lately DP / Durban Poison and GC / Green Crack... they make me feel so good though i don't get anything done that really needs doing but enjoy doing whatever the fuck i want...

    But any "crutch" be it pot, booze, AMA medicines, etc. are not the answer... Many people especially men are not in touch with exactly WHAT they feel nor WHY they feel it... we were taught by the manly men society that men just don't have mood swings like say women... lol

    It's really a 2 step process but easier said than done...
    1st get in touch with what you feel.
    2nd EXPRESS it in an appropriate way, act it out, hit the punching bag, run, pump iron, etc...

    Pain is a blockage of energy, pure and simple... anger turned inward produces sadness and depression... find out who you are angry at and why, it could be yourself... stuff from childhood is still stuffed down there in the subconscious if one or both of your parents berated you, put you down, purposely said cruel things to piss you off, never praised you for successes, etc... no wonder you have repressed emotions...
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